And on your right …

Thanks to Dan Bullock, who took this picture of the currently disused old B&Q building car park, a familiar sight to anyone who uses the District Line into Wimbledon in South London, whose facing wall has been a graffiti hotspot ever since the DIY store upped sticks and went to New Malden. You have to admire both the graphic style and the Inbetweeners-style wit of this message, which went up at the end of last week, and has been raising smiles ever since – and you can’t put a price on that in ROAD RAIL SNOW HELL CHAOS STANDSTILL BRITAIN.

Dan is a photographer and his website is here.

17 thoughts on “And on your right …

  1. Hi Andrew!

    It’s little things like that, which makes London the magical place it is -as you say the tongue in cheek style and the choice of font is really funny. There was another great piece of graffiti at Surbiton on the exit stairs which simply said ‘foxes know’, which made me smile every time I passed it. A footnote though and associated key would come in handy, is it the trains themselves or the staff that are w@@@@@s?? I hope they don’t mean me! Interesting to see BBC News 24 run with ‘Frozen Britain’, yes, that’s right, IT’S WINTER, IT’S BRITAIN, IT GETS COLD….!!!! It’s a shame nothing has gone in B&Qs place there, but the New Malden store is rather good! Best Wishes, Matthew

    • If it’s the Inbetweeners reference I assume it is (adapted from “bus-wankers!”) then it’s aimed at the people who use the train, and certainly not those who staff the trains!

      I understand the B&Q building, or lease, has been purchased by Waitrose, so all will be well.

  2. As a member of staff we are universally hated at these times, unfortunately stoked up by BBC News I’m afraid. I do feel for the staff who are being bullied at airports, but who thinks of them in all this??

    • Vandalism of a site that’s been sitting, empty and rotting, for months now. I’m sure when the site is redeveloped as a supermarket, it will be under constant CCTV surveillance again, and in use most of the hours of the day, so the vandals will move on to the next place. Right now, it’s derelict, effectively, and clearly not very well guarded, so it’s fair game, isn’t it? There are flats nearby that also get graffiti on them, but that is always being painted over. The owners of the site clearly don’t give a monkey’s.

  3. I’d have assumed it was a down-wiv-ver-kids Coalition advert to entice people off their dole figures. The tone is about right. Robust but typically fair.

  4. Well I’m assuming it’s based on the Inbetweeners “Bus wankers” phrase. Not a comment on the staff but on the people that ride on the trains… (Bus Wankers referring to the people that have to take the bus, since the boys have a car)

  5. It is a really funny piece of grafiti and something that is accepted and enjoyed and has a place in London…a victory for free speech! Very similar to one of Richard’s podcast opening pearls!

  6. So when are we going to get a “Car Wankers” on a bridge over the M25??? Or maybe a “Clarkson-Rimming, Polluting, Street-destroying, Unsustainable Wankers”?? I might go and do that myself….

  7. I used to take the short ride daily between Waterloo East and London Bridge. Down to the right, in some kind of yard, there is the phrase “Big Dave’s Gusset” inscribed on a wall. I have never found out who Big Dave is, or the relevance of his gusset, but I’ll never forget the levity it afforded me as the train lurched me towards my office.

  8. I don’t know about you but I actually quite like graffitti when it is done nicely and is possibly amusing.

    I know Banksy is very passe now but i would prefer to have that sprayed on my wall then some peace of meaningless contemporary guff or even a lesser Constable.

  9. I don’t know if you’re aware, but the Collings and Herrin blog has disappeared. I read the the entry about The Perfect Twelve yesterday, but the entire blog has since apparently ceased to exist, leaving just a “The blog you were looking for was not found” message where it’s supposed to be.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Jesus!

    • I’m in the process of exporting it to WordPress. Getting way too much abuse via Blogger’s Comment facility, and it’s much better for that here.

      • Ah, right. The majority of us really do appreciate and enjoy everything you and Richard do, so I’m sorry a bunch of idiots have made extra work for you. Unfortunately, some people are just pricks.

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