Make an arthouse a home

I’m all too aware that every time I bang on about seeing arthouse or foreign movies I speak from the privileged position of living in London, surrounded by “smaller” cinemas that specialise in showing such delights. But unless you do live in a sizeable town or city, you might not have this kind of access to arthouse fare. Even before the London-based Curzon chain opened up shop in South London a year ago, it was easy enough for me to get to the Curzon Mayfair or Curzon Soho, and even Curzon Richmond is on a Tube line. However, as of this week, I need feel self-conscious or guilty no more, as Curzon have launched an on-demand service. It’s called Curzon On Demand, and it’s here. From now on, brand new films showing at the Curzon will also be available to download, anywhere in the UK and Ireland, and for the £8 fee, you get to keep it for seven days, and watch it as many times as you like, or watch it in installments. So, for instance, this week you can download In Our Name and On Tour, and watch them in the comfort of your computer. (This is definitely going to jolly me along into hooking my laptop up to the telly, too, which I should have done a long time ago.)


4 thoughts on “Make an arthouse a home

  1. What a wonderful idea. I wish I could make use of it but the £8 price tag is rather prohibitive to a poor PhD student like myself. Is that how much it costs to see a film in a Curzon cinema? We have none of them here in Northern Ireland.

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