Cowed gate

I like this shot, taken today, by Susan Beattie. Mainly because in it I am alive and standing. Last night, I was worried I might be too wiped out to perform today – although not performing isn’t really an option. The show, as you may have heard before, must go on. I went to bed early, with only lemon and ginger tea, a simple penne arrabiata and a single spare rib from Tom Wrigglesworth’s surprise Chinese inside me. I wondered if my croaky throat might lead to a lack of voice this morning but it seemed still to be working when I woke up, well slept and well rested. Doctor Theatre would see me through.

For some reason, the venue staff wanted us to open the doors to the room where I perform at 12.10, rather than the usual 12.20, to clear some room in the pub, so we did. This meant that the room was full by 12.15. So, since we’d reached the fire limit, I thought I might as well start early, and give Charlotte, whose show is now directly after mine, a bit more time to set up. This gave me a little breathing space, but I didn’t go mad. I did the same show, with one extra digression, and still finished under time. I put into place the three tweaks Gary Delaney offered yesterday, and I think they helped, especially the one in my opening gag, which is site-specific and will never be of any use to me again after my last show tomorrow!

I did my third phone interview with Nemone, live, on 6 Music at 2.15, after a quick burger at the City Cafe, in which I was able to plug Gutted, and Mat Ricardo, even though he’s finished his run and will be on his way home by now.

And here we were again, at the GRV, making stuff up for an hour with little or no preparation for the seventh time this Festival and photographed before we take the stage by Gordon Hodgson. It’s been odd, albeit oddly enjoyable, to be sitting on those plastic chairs onstage with a tin table and a piano stool stacked with newspapers, with up to 80 people staring at us, seemingly baffled by what they have paid £5 to see, even though they listen to the podcast, and are getting more of the same. We had two more game couples in the front row; in the first pic [centre], you’ll see a lady with a bad knee and a crutch, and her jolly husband/boyfriend; in the second [far right], a couple who’ve been together for 13 years and are happy and healthy and handsome, and thus impervious to any insults from Richard.

In other news, I seem to have been mentioned by Bruce Dessau in a piece for the Guardian entitled Stand Up Comedy: Can Radio DJs Cut It? He very kindly suggests that maybe I can, which is nice, since I know he has seen my show.

I have one more solo show to go, and two more podcasts shows. I seem – fingers crossed – to have gingered and slept my way out of a potential health dip.


2 thoughts on “Cowed gate

  1. Loved secret dancing today. I followed Dr Tim for a while last year on twitter and he said it was his idea to say Childrens Doctor. Apparantly when he spoke to his diminutive patients that’s what he told them he was so as not to confuse them with big words. However I thought then and still do now that it was just fear of the word Paediatrician that prompted the change.

  2. That is a good photo, I’d never noticed your likeness to Pob before. If you’re not a child of the 80”s then google it!

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