Little push

Just a couple of ticket reminders about my three Edinburgh previews this week (one in London, two out of London), which I’m very excited about.

  • Wednesday July 21: Downstairs at the Phoenix, London, 8pm, £5 tickets on the door – with special guest Michael Legge doing some of his crazy stand-up!
  • Thursday July 22: Upstairs at the Three and Ten, Brighton, 8pm, £6/£5 tickets on door or here [above: pic of me and Richard Herring last time we played this pleasant venue, for the Brighton Comedy Festival – imagine the same picture except with only me in it]
  • Saturday July 24: Cafe Nook at the Fishmarket, Northampton, 8pm, £6/£5 tickets on door or here. The first 50 have been sold, but the venue has put 20 more on the website. There’s a disco afterward, which is free, and ironic, as it may involve non-secret dancing
  • I am putting finishing touches to my show the whole time, so it is likely to change, organically, between Wednesday and Saturday, and again by Edinburgh. Your laughter may affect whether a joke stays in or not. In the words of Snap!, “You got the power!”


    2 thoughts on “Little push

    1. Really enjoyed your Brighton show last night – well done, you. And we’ve eaten at that Thai restaurant in Reigate!

      Have a great time in Edinburgh.

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