Now can we all stop listening to it?*

#6musicsaved! – to use the Twernacular of Twitter, from whence much of 6 Music’s support flowered. The BBC Trust – whom we hate when they do something stupid, but love when they do something clever – has rejected the BBC’s plans to close the digital radio station 6 Music. In his initial response to the BBC strategy review, BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons said that the case for the closure of 6 Music had not been made. Yay for middle-aged, middle-class white men in suits! Lyons – and I’ve always liked his cakes – said that the Trust, which represents the interests of licence fee payers, would consider closing 6 Music only as part of a wider strategy on the future of digital radio. That’s a stay of execution we can all live with. Sadly, and it is sad, the Trust accepted plans to close the Asian Network, which if anything was a victim of support lag, as more fuss was made of 6 Music, and even though we combined for those well-attended Broadcasting House protests, it didn’t have a sufficiently prevailing wind behind it. Bad news, too, for those working for BBC online who will be out of a job after the 25% budget cut.

Still, 6 Music is the station I work for, and was involved in launching in 2002, and the one I would listen to, by choice, even if I didn’t and hadn’t been. So hooray for us, but mainly hooray for all those who kept the noise of support at fever pitch for months on end, and, like a vuvuzela chorus of common sense, never left the ears of those in power. They came, they consulted, we conquered.

I happened to be in the studio with Lauren Laverne when the embargoed press release came through, and helped distract her by rattling on about what’s coming up on the telly for the best part of half an hour while we waited for the green light to read it out, which she did at approximately 11.03am, followed by AC/DC’s Back In Black. (It befell her to pass on the grim news in March, so there was something poetic about it all. Perhaps the Trust timed their announcement with her show?) Though I was done talking, and Lauren was in charge, I felt proud and honoured to have been in the studio at that happy junction. According to BBC News, she expressed her delight on her Twitter feed: “6Music has been saved. Hooooorrrayyyyy!”

And so say we all. The Zulu Theme will sound particularly epic at 4pm today when I sit in for Steve Lamacq.

*The headline, by the way, comes, possibly ironically, from Twitterer @RupertBurr: “Awesome, 6 Music has been saved, now can we all stop listening to it?”


11 thoughts on “Now can we all stop listening to it?*

  1. Only fair you were there, Andrew, as one of the original station line up.

    Initially I throught you were just eyeing up Lauren’s chair for future occupation.

  2. Excellent news. I was listening live this morning. I hope you’re in for Lammo all week as not able to listen today and I do so love it when your back on the radio during working hours.

  3. I’m even happier about this than I imagined I would be. It almost gives me back some faith in the power of democratic consultation. Triples all round!

  4. ..and George Lamb bravely laid down his job to save you all and yet he doesn’t get a word of thanks.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Andrew. Perhaps by getting a trendier haircut and acting a bit more twattishly you can honour his noble name for the future.

  5. All too often the news is rubbish and depressing. Today it wasn’t, and listening to Radio by Teenage Fanclub on 6Music shortly after the news was announced gave me goosepimples. A great song on a great radio station, it had me thinking about those glorious teenage years when music meant everything, and listening to my favourite bands on the radio was the most thrilling feeling. I hope 6 is still around for my kids to have the same feelings.

  6. This news made me SO HAPPY!! I’ve been listening online every day (at work) since the station’s launch and was very worried I’d have to find some inferior alternative. Yay!

  7. Yaay !Great news and thank god commen sense prevailed.
    A great radio station for less than half the cost of a jonathon ross!

  8. Well done BBC for caving in to the masses.

    Oh hang on…this is good right? or is it bad? or is it only bad when the Daily Mail or the Tory Party push for the BBC to close/ban/get rid of things?

    I forget now if I am supposed to be annoyed or delighted with the BBC for doing this.

    After all I am a License fee payer (so that means I ‘paid my pound’ right)?

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