Secret dancing with cat

Here’s a preview of my Secret Dancing image for Edinburgh, taken on the photographic genius Steve Brown‘s houseboat studio on the River Thames on Tuesday. The finished shot will, of course, feature Steve’s exquisite post-production alchemy, but I like this off-duty one, as it features Oryx, one of his three cats. My Edinburgh experiment is coming together. I have now booked up a full hour-long preview show in London, at the Phoenix, on July 21, and I’m looking to slot in some others between now and August. I’m adding to the non-dancing part of my show all the time, basically by walking around from A to B – which is the loose theme of the show – noticing things and thinking too hard about things that don’t merit that amount of thought. Sometimes I actually remember to write the thoughts down in my tiny notebook. Sometimes I don’t, and they are lost forever, which is what usually happens to thoughts that aren’t worth having, or writing down. That’s all for now. More dates as I get them. The last thought I wrote was this: “Hepatitis B is too easy. All the kids have got Hepatitis A.” I don’t really know what it means. I wish I’d explained it to myself, but the handwriting suggests I put it down in haste. If you can think of a joke based upon it, let me know.

Photo: the photographic genius Steve Brown


9 thoughts on “Secret dancing with cat

  1. Nice pussy. I’m talking about the cat rather than a vagina, but of course you knew that.

    There is a germ of a joke there. It must be something like:
    “When I was young, getting Hepatitis C was quite a big deal, and almost no one got Hepetitis A. Nowadays the kids are all getting Heptitis A-star. I’m not being funny…”

  2. Milton Jones does a Hepatitis B joke but it’s something like, “I’ll tell you what’s a dangerous insect…”

    • Adam, you are being a fashion snob. The trainer is much better for demonstrating the subtle moves of Secret Dancing to an audience. I have tried black shoes and you can’t see the toe moves. It has to be a trainer with lighter stripes on. Believe me.

      Also, stop dictating fashion. It is a personal thing!

    • I think, without looking (as I am not wearing it), it’s M&S Blue Harbour. But it’s two years old, so may not be in their range any more!

  3. I know I’m a day late (which makes all the difference nowadays) but my joke for the hepatitis line would be:
    Things are so much simpler now, I remember giving it my all every night and all I had to show for it was a C, but these days all kids are swanning about with their A. I’ve a good mind to complain to the hepatitis board.

    Reading it back it is incredibly rubbish. And probably shouldn’t be posted at all… oh well.

  4. I think the idea of linking Hepatitis A & B to kids is a good idea.
    How about something like “kids are so lazy today – when I was a youngster we all got Hepatitis A, now they are happy to settle for Hepatitis B”
    (Sorry – I am not a comedian :()

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