Stop me and buy one

Check out my new Shopfront [above]. It’s the first time I’ve actually set out my stall in this way, like I was selling dishcloths or apples on Northampton’s famous cobbled market [pictured, yesterday]. I feel dirty for doing it, naturally, but not dirty enough not to have done it. Anyway, it’s mostly for information purposes (someone on Twitter said this week that they’d been listening to me on 6 Music and hadn’t realised I had written Billy Bragg’s biography, for instance), and most of the links are to Go Faster Stripe, who are worthy of your support. And oat milk isn’t cheap.

4 thoughts on “Stop me and buy one

  1. It’s odd how flogging your sitcoms to the wholesalers is different from flogging your stuff retail to the public. Odd, but entirely understandable.

  2. Morning AC,
    I sometimes have a gander at your page and always enjoy the read. I hope you dont mind me saying but the photo has always reminded me of Zoolander. I dont know whether its Blue Steel or Magnum but I like it. Its all about the confidence!!!

    Keep up the good work.

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