Amusing sexism

My old boss James Brown has launched an online magazine called Sabotage Times and is asking like-minded souls and acquaintances to contribute suitable, unpublished material. I discovered a pretty exhaustive article about Benny Hill I wrote in the late 90s and updated it. You can read it here. I actually wrote it for XL, an Emap men’s magazine that folded soon after. (They published an interview of mine with Jack Dee and a similar hagiography of Sid James while they were still running.) The Benny Hill, which I later failed to flog to GQ, is a pretty straight, factual biography of the man, which I remember researching in those prelapsarian times before broadband and Wikipedia by – read it and weep, youngsters! – tracking down books in secondhand bookshops and buying them, then taking them home and reading them and copying salient facts down. Ah, the age of innocence. Still, nice to see it in print. There’s plenty of other stuff to read there, too.


3 thoughts on “Amusing sexism

  1. I enjoyed your Benny Hill article Andrew. It’s amazing to see so many gifted comedians seem to have personal problems. Despite these problems they seem to use their inadequacy to advantage. Like Frankie Howard using his fear as a part of his stage act. They all seem to lead very lonely lives Having read and listened to your mate Mr Herring, with his traveling back and forth to different gigs. You can see how coming off the high of a great gig, then going back to a lonely hotel room. Would cause possible problems.

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