Left to right

I was a memorable seven weeks in Nemone’s chair while she was away filming Who Wants To Be A Brazilianaire. Thanks to Jax and Jonny, the programme team, for making life so much easier. Let us remember those seven weeks by way of a cavalcade of photos taken – by Jonny – against the 6 Music branding. See how many of my guests you can name! (There are no prizes. It’s just for fun.) Then see how times I managed to conceal the double chin I have developed through all those pitta breads and rye crackers.

Note: still-to-be-eaten eclair supplied by the thoughtful Sarah Millican – she bought four, one for everybody in the studio. Sorry the Gary Delaney one is a bit blurry, it was smaller than the rest.


5 thoughts on “Left to right

  1. I didn’t get Sarah Millican when she first started the panel show rounds, but she’s grown on me to the point I look forward to seeing her appearances… I think it’s the way she calls people ‘pet’.

    Though the same charisma-booster doesn’t work for Cheryl Cole…

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