The following takes place

Just some pictorial evidence of me and Kiefer Sutherland, my new BFF, at Friday’s Bafta Q&A. Hopefully the video will be available soon. I’ll post a link as soon as it is, and you can see him bring up torture in conversation before I did, even though his people said he wouldn’t discuss torture. I really liked him. Especially when he hugged me at the end [not pictured].

Pictures: BAFTA/Jonathan Birch


10 thoughts on “The following takes place

  1. He looks soft as muck. You could have taken him, easy. Twisted his head clean off his shoulder. Pushed his eyeballs in. Something like that.

    Seriously, I’ll rush out first thing and buy a hat, so I may doff it your way. He comes across as a very generous, very modest soul. Would love to shake his hand.

  2. Well remembered, John, but a) it’s a formal occasion and I feel I owe it to Bafta and to our guest to build a basic structure for the evening, and b) I had the details of the clips we’d be showing on my cards, as I needed to cue them up. But way to go trying to catch me out! (I don’t bring written questions to an interview for print or radio, but notes occasionally.) Incidentally, the best questions always come from conversation, reacting to an answer, that kind of thing, which proved true with Kiefer.

  3. He hugged you because you’re a soft touch.

    I’ll bet your first question wasn’t the most pressing:

    ‘Kiefer: For Christ’s sake, why have you made nothing decent since Lost Boys?’

  4. I’m not sure how I remembered it. I don’t remember the context or when you said it. I presume that with two C&H podcasts, this blog, the other blog and RH’s website, I’ve started to absorb C&H facts by osmosis.

  5. I love how the pictures show the progress from serious discussion to giggles. Also, judging by the progression of body language, I’d ol’ KS has something of a man-crush on you.

  6. So what did he say about torture?
    And what did you say?

    I have to admit, I’ve been put off him as a result of the (apparent) reactions of other people to the torture issue.

  7. It looks a bit like you’re just about to open the results of a DNA test on The Jeremy Kyle Show, which isn’t to say that you look like a drug-addled misanthrope, more that Kiefer Sutherland looks an awful lot like Jeremy Kyle.

    I can imagine JK on 24; he’d probably get the job done in under 20.

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