Joy on a bed of tears with an ambition foam

So … don’t want to mention his name yet as the first part of this sentence will appear in the Twitter alert for this blog entry … “Half-Indian father of one” Dhruv won Masterchef 2010. It’s been a memorable series, despite the hyperventilating narration (“one of the most famous restaurants in the world“) and shouting from John and Gregg (they’re so much sweeter when they’re quiet, or lost for words after a really “yummy”/”beautiful” fondant), and I think the best man won, even though I would have been smiling had any of the Final Six taken home the trophy and probably had takeout for the next seven days on the trot. I quite fancied “Long-necked food writer” Alex’s bucolic country lifestyle, with his offal and his Eggloo and his fruit-pickin’ girlfriend and his checked shirts, and no matter what, “children’s doctor” Tim must get out of that children’s hospital, but Dhruv was the most consistent all this week, and has “the palate of an angel” according to Gregg and John. He also offered the most tears. They’d been welling up since round one. And cooking doesn’t GET more emotional than Masterchef. (Unemployed Man Terry was the house favourite, but I understand the TV exposure has earned him a job at Rossini in the Leicestershire village where he lives. *punches air in slow motion*)


10 thoughts on “Joy on a bed of tears with an ambition foam

  1. “What is it with all that ‘Children’s Doctor’ business?” I am fond of pointing out to anyone who cares to listen, and then I point them in the direction of your blog.

  2. As a press officer at a politician’s constituency office I’m tempted to enter the next series of Masterchef just to find out how they’d describe me. I wouldn’t be surprised to be called “liar for hire”, although pretty soon they may well be calling me “unemployed”. The latter’s rather more appealing at the moment too

  3. I was hoping for Alex to win throughout the series, but when Dhruv made that beautiful and disturbing worm and pansy salad in Holland, he won my support. I would have been pleased if any of them won, but I’m glad Dhruv did.

    I love Masterchef. I’m going to miss the way Greg Wallace uses cutlery.

  4. I like Masterchef. It seems to have evolved over the last few years and found its niche. My only complaint is the same complaint I have with 90% of reality TV – stop crying man. I am all for men shedding the odd tear but when its over a sloppy souffle it really winds me up.

    ps – like the look of the new blog. I do like WordPress and it seems that the cleaner layout really suits your blog more than Blogger did. Keep up the good work.

  5. I passed on this series which came around far too quickly for me having followed most of the last one with Michel Roux Jnr and the winner Steve who was really gifted and did no crying or air punching at all. My heart was full, maybe, possibly, or something. Can’t quite believe they’ve got another cooking contest thing going on now.

  6. I’ve had your blog on my favourites for a while yet never got round to reading it, and now I know why!

    Because I’m silly, just read back a few posts and I like it, will defiantely be coming back here a lot more.

    On the issue of Masterchef, me and a few others were having guesses about what the final song was going to be and I feel I was closest when I said that it would be something leftfield.

    The only episode I saw of this season was the last one, it does feel as if they are just pumping out series after series of this, admittedly, good show with only a few weeks break between them.

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