Tirade deficit

The Chancellors’ Debate, which wasn’t one, as only one of them was actually a Chancellor, was really boring, wasn’t it? Nobody really tripped up. Nobody had a barney at anybody else. Nobody accidentally blurted out the truth. That’s why I haven’t written about it in tiresome detail. Still, 1.7 million people tuned in (which is a lot more than usually tune in to Dispatches in the same timeslot, apparently), even more people saw the big Channel 4 logos in all the pictures in the papers the next day, and it “trended” on Twitter, which is the fashionable and incorruptible new way of measuring reach, even though most people I follow were Tweeting that the Chancellors’ Debate was really boring. Still, great to see Sam the Eagle, Ken Campbell and Piers Morgan on television at the same time. Ha ha. And that’s satire.

Oh, go on then.


4 thoughts on “Tirade deficit

  1. Respect is due to @Stouffer on Twitter who, if not the first, was the most recent to make the Darling/Muppet visual link. And the Guardian did Cable/Campbell before me. I do not delude myself that I thought of these things first, but it was fun to put them down in the medium of blog.

  2. I seriously can’t be arsed to waste any of my time with these pointless American style copycat programs.
    I would imagine it’s all been briefed to death beforehand so none of them come away looking bad. Seems to be all style over content to me.

    Andrew, you could have at least pixelated that morgan picture. He should get it done for real by having lego bricks forced into his repulsive face. You might have guessed I can’t stand the twat.

  3. I’ll take Sam The Eagle as Alistair Darling in this instance, but I think you’ll find he actually resembles Wolves Manager Mick ‘McMick’ McCarthy, the bra-wearing headcase.


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