Castle stormed

Look at all the nice people in their kagoules outside Broadcasting House yesterday. I think they all want to save 6 Music. So say we all. (I borrowed the pictures from Twitpic; please stand up and take your credits, @love6Music, @kateweb and @richardpbacon! And feel free to swap more pics if any of you have them …)

STOP PRESS: An excellent bendy shot from Sinister Pics whose full set is on Flickr.

STOP PRESS AGAIN: As per Laura’s request for a pic that demonstrates – ha! – how much bigger the crowd got, here’s one from Rob Sell (full set here):


19 thoughts on “Castle stormed

  1. Credit taken; thanks! It felt like a very positive thing – Adam Buxton did particularly fine chanting work – I just hope the BBC Trust are in the mood to listen.

  2. Not sure depicting us 6music fans as kagoule wearers does the cause any favours.

    I’ve always had a irrational fear of kagoules – even typing the word has given me a rash. Is it just me?

    Otherwise, well done to all who turned up yesterday – (I was in lumberjack shirt – no rain protection.)

  3. I’ve just spent some quality time looking at the pictures and videos of the protest yesterday. I wish I’d been there. I think 6music listeners are the nicest people (see banners/placards) and care deeply for music, just like the presenters. I spent hours filling in the strategy review questionnaire weeks ago. I hope everyone does it, it may just make the difference.
    Save 6 music

  4. Jon and I would really like to thank everyone who turned out yesterday and huge thanks to Georgina and Laura for organising this for us.
    It is shame despite the number of paps there’s barely a mention about yesterday in the news, certainly not from the BBC
    (I have some more pics on my blog).

  5. Just a note to say I don’t mind any of my images from Saturday being used in conjunction with publicising/campaigning to save 6music.
    After all, not much point taking them if nobody hets to see them!

  6. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the protest yesterday. It was a wonderful day and, before it started to rain, the area in front of Broadcasting House was packed full of people. I don’t think I’ve ever met so many lovely folks. Let’s hope it does some good!

  7. Luvverly…but it would be great if you used some shots of the crowd at full-size rather than the one taken after everyone had left…! Makes it look like there was no one there and believe me, there were hundreds.

  8. Laura, I have used the shots that were made available to me. Please show me some others if the ones I have used fail to make the demo look bigger. Don’t complain and then not offer me a solution!

  9. Hello, I have a few photos of a (busier looking) crowd, in this photo set here, you can use them if you like.

    Well done to the organisers, bands and BBC staff involved.

    I enjoyed how the protesters were slightly embarrased to chant!

    I noticed a very bemused looking Clive Anderson legging it out of the building just after midday! And the opportunistic Matthew Wright, who just happened to be passing, but hung around desperate to be noticed (he might be nice and this might be unfair).

  10. I heard someone else mention it somewhere about the £100M overspend looming down on the assembled faithful.

    Wasn’t one of the Thom(p)son twins responsible for that mess.
    No dismissal/ resignation for it though.

    Please feel free to edit for legal reasons!

  11. Heh, thanks team! Andrew, you mean you didn’t have a ready stack of pics clutched to your chest, absorbing the love from 6Music protesters?? Oh well, no excuse not to be a human collage now.

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