Riley culture

Didn’t your day just get better? It’s Riley the smiling dog from San Jose, as picture in various places including the Telegraph. I’m not one for putting hats on pets. Or glasses. And I’m not sure if he’s happy because he’s got a birthday cake or because he’s just thrown one up on the plate, but he does look happy.


20 thoughts on “Riley culture

  1. I was alerted to this picture earlier on by somebody else. Needless to say, I've felt strangely happy ever since (but also slightly ashamed that I've now accessed The Telegraph's website).

  2. For what it's worth, now each time I visit the page (post-ftp switch), Dozier, dozier and dozier appears as the most recent posting with 0 comments, and then quite a few seconds later the Riley post appears and the comment count under Mr David is corrected.I don't have the fastest internet in the world but it's not that bad. I'm just wondering what will happen when a significant number of post-ftp-switch posts have been posted.

  3. Yes Andrew, I'm getting the same as dave. This Soviet style airbrushing out of history of posts and comments, then sudden rehabilitation and reappearance is very strange. Very 1960s. I expect it's to do with that protocol regime change you made, though I couldn't say why.I'm probably taking a risk by even mentioning it.

  4. Here's what I think is happening, and excuse my ignorance of the nuances of all this kind of shit:I was forced to change the URL of this blog by Blogger, ie. Google, who are removing the right to publish via an FTP server (I don't even know what that is). My blog is embedded into my website. The newer Collings & Herrin blog, by way of comparison, isn't. And isn't affected by Blogger/Google's desire to airbrush the FTP option from their palette. So …I did as I was told by Blogger/Google, and migrated my blog to a new URL. This means that when you click on BLOG above, or use a bookmark for the old blog, you arrive at the old blog, but are then automatically diverted, by Blogger/Google, to the new one.Now, a problem. In migrating my blog, none of the Comments came with it. Thus, any comments left since the migration show up. But any left before it, have disappeared. I am looking into rectifying this. But that explains the discrepancy between the two blogs.It's fucking annoying, to coin a phrase, but I am a victim of Blogger/Google's fascistic decision to vandalise my blog.I'm looking into it, as I say. But for now, keep posting and bear with the madness.

  5. I know that I should find the photo heartwarming, but it’s just so utterly disturbing. I’m hoping that someone is going to admit that it has been photoshopped unless I’ll spend the rest of my life feeling freaked out.

  6. *Takes look around* Are you keeping it white or you considering something a bit more lively? The previous owner clearly had no imagination.

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