Dozier, dozier and dozier

According to a story put out by Press Association at the weekend, Craig David didn’t know that Motown was a record label, saying he believed his latest album was based on the Motown “genre”. Craig’s record Signed, Sealed, Delivered (out March 29) contains 12 tracks, but only seven or eight are in fact Motown. He said: “[I] didn’t actually know that Motown was a label … I thought it was an era or genre, like New Jack Swing or something – I didn’t know that if you weren’t on Motown records, it wasn’t Motown.”

The innocent chap went on, “I wanted to make an album of me re-recording famous songs. There was no strong concept, but it ended up falling into a Motown thing, which really stemmed from Michael Jackson dying last year.”

Craig David is 28 years old and has been recording music since 1999. Seriously, how do you get that far without finding out that Motown is a record label? This is not an obscure fact for trainspotters! It’s to do with his line of work. I’d say that takes some doing. You have to hand it to him: that’s real commitment to ignorance and not finding things out.

31 thoughts on “Dozier, dozier and dozier

  1. I doubt he went out of his way to not find that out. If there's something you don't know, and you don't know you don't know it, is that really your fault?I mean, I wouldn't have claimed that you had made a commitment to ignorance and not finding out about the solar system in which you live, when that thing about the sun happened. Just that it was surprising you'd managed to get this far.

  2. He is a musician, a professional musician, who's been working in music, surrounded by record companies for over ten years and he didn't at some point just pick up the fact that Motown is a record label, perhaps one of the most famous record labels in the world? I think that is a feat. I may live under the sun, but I don't really care about how it works. I am flabbergasted that Craig David didn't at some point accidentally find out that there was a label called Motown. Does he never just chat about music with others who are interested in music?I admire his honesty in admitting it in an interview, however. That I do admire.

  3. I can see your argument, but I think you're being a bit harsh. Not everyone is as bright as you, or as inquisitive, and there's no need to deride them for it.For a woolly liberal you aren't very tollerant! 😉

  4. Who would have told him? He has been the "artist" since he was 19. He isn't in a band where other members might have put him right. His entourage and the label(s) no doubt didn't want to tell him he was wrong so he is just left to get on with it.At the end of the day how many of the people who will actually pay money for "Signed Sealed Delivered" will know (or care) either. The whole notion of loyalty to labels is just so analogue!Welcome to the stupid world.

  5. You could look at it the other way though – he might be so involved in his craft that he has no interest in the mechanics of the industry at all. I'm sure that's true of a lot of artists.I'm not saying that's definitely the case, but it's possible!

  6. How could he not know? No seriously, regardless of his career, anyone with even the merest interest in music knows it's a label, or not as it would appear. He also states the album has no real concept- so, not a covers album done by a recording artist who may not be the star he once was, then?Proper Bo.

  7. I find that staggering! Almost on a par with the time a friend asked me where 'Islam' is. I thought she was joking. By the way, from this end it looks like all comments from your earlier posts have vanished.

  8. Kendersrule, I hope I am not being a bit harsh. I did not say he wasn't bright. My guess is that he is. But how do you avoid knowing a basic fact about music like that one if you are so musical you make your living from music? It does not compute. I don't care about Craig David's exam grades, I'm just amazed he does not have a more enquiring mind, that's all. If he was 16, I could let him off.

  9. By the way, it does seem that all the comments have disappeared from previous posts. They still exist at my old URL, the one Blogger made me change. We are looking into it. (That's me and Kevin, my web guru, not me and Blogger, who of course are SkyNet.)

  10. Andrew, you're not being harsh at all. What he did is like a programmer of ten years saying that they didn't realise that Apple was a computer company – they thought it was just a word used to describe prettily-designed computers.

  11. I cannot believe anyone could get as far as he has in music, doing the kind of music he does, and not know that. It's not harsh or cruel to mock at all. His ignorance is breathtaking. However, there are some people I know who didn't realise Paul McCartney was in the Beatles. Surely everyone in the entire world knows that by now.

  12. So when he bought records (as they were called in the day), did he believe that the Big M and the word Motown were there just to help him make sure he was buying records of the correct genreLove and kisses Rich (the triathlete)

  13. Fair enough, it is hard to believe this gap in his knowledge – but I do find it hard not to admire people who make a point of revealing embarrassing gaps in knowledge.Until I was in my early twenties I thought the song went 'Somewhere over the rainbow / Weigh a pie.'

  14. Great title, but it does seem a bit harsh. Maybe he's not a great reader. People talk about the Motown Sound and the Motown Era (whatever that is). I admit it seems odd that he didn't know it's a label but I don't think it's all that remarkable and I don't think his being in "the industry" really makes it any more remarkable.

  15. In that re-rewind one, that sound affect in the line "Craig David all over your [boing]" – what's it supposed to be a substitute for? The implication seems to be that it's a naughty word, but I can't think of anything that makes sense.Probably nothing to do with the switch from FTP, Andrew, but it looks like there's a broken italic tag at the start of the first quote, with square brackets.

  16. I'm not particularily surprised.I don't mean to get all Holier than thou and "anyone who doesn't like the stuff I like is an idiot" but it's seems to me that for a lot of Pop stars that are churned out, their musical worlds only really extend to Chart Toppers going back 10-20 years.Then again, I haven't heard heard Mariah Carey's latest album, so I can't judge.RegardsSTEVE!

  17. However, the Motown sound is unique, even compared to the other labels which i'm guessing he has put on the album. (Staxs and Chess) All three are pretty different from each other and any fan of music should be able to tell the difference. I'm sure that he can tell the difference between drum and bass and Garage and will pour scorn on anyone that doesn't.

  18. Could it be that Mr David, in common with many 'musicians' is not really much of an artist at all and more of a hack, who whilst he can carry a tune, doesn't really know that much about music, cares even less, and is in it mainly for the self-indulgent pop star lifestyle? Could it?

  19. Tech comments just so you know, but not necessarily for publication – when I first go to your blog page, Dozier comes up as the top story. It is marked '0 comments' but there IS a string of comments. After about a minute, this is replaced by the smiling dog story as the top story. This story is marked as having '10 comments'. Dozier appeard in igoogle's reader. Smiling dog hasn't done so yet. Just in case it's something you need to look at to ensure you haven't lost RSS readership with your switching about.Anna x

  20. I heard Andrew mention this on the radio, but missed the bit where he said it was Craig David. At the time I thought "What sort of mentally-impaired idiot could possibly be that thick?" Now it all makes sense. It's CRAIG DAVID. He went on Bo'Selecta, and then complained that it ruined his career, after he eventually worked out that the Bo'Selecta bloke might have been taking the piss. Dave J

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