Happy birthday, Bobby Womack

Today is Bobby Womack’s birthday. I know this because it is also my birthday. I had a Radio 1 diary when I was about 14. This is how I first learned that I shared a birthday with Bobby Womack. I didn’t really care about Bobby Womack at that stage. I care more now. I met and interviewed Bobby Womack when I was hosting the Teatime show on 6 Music in 2003, a network that should be saved, by the way. He was over to promote Lookin’ For A Love: The Best Of Bobby Womack 1968-1976. It felt good to meet him at last, especially as I grew up to recognise that Across 110th Street is one of the greatest soul records of all time. (I asked him, by way of keeping the conversation going in the studio while the record was playing, what it was about. He smiled and told me to listen to the lyrics, which was the correct response. It’s good when soul legends tell you what to do.) I was 38 when I met Bobby Womack. He was 59. Today, we both seven years older than that. Neither of us is likely to be sitting on a horse, smoking a pipe. But if one of us is more likely to be, it will be Bobby Womack.

26 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Bobby Womack

  1. Many happy returns of the day Andrew. And also to Bobby, if he's reading this. I notice that you also, rather impressively, share your birthday with 'King' Kenny Dalglish – an auspicious day indeed.

  2. A very happy birthday to you, Andrew.I share my birthday with Angelina Jolie, Noah Wyle, Russell Brand, Michelle Phillips and Bruce Dern, among others. Just in case you're interested.

  3. Well, happy birthday then.As listing them is the new fashion, I appear to share my birthday with James Dean Bradfield, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Charlotte Church and Robert Mugabe!

  4. Happy birthday. You also share it with my new nephew who was born this morning and Shakin' Stevens.That photo is also the cover of a brilliant compilation called Dirty Laundry that I'd heartily recommend.Nigel

  5. Happy birthday! Love the post — it made me smile after a dull day. Hopefully your day is much better.PS. I share my birthday with Angry Anderson, who would look hilarious on a horse …

  6. "Your powers are growing weak, old man" as someone once said.I share my birthday with convicted rapist, Mike Tyson. Not as good as Womak but better than Mugabe. Assuming there was a shared birthday league table, that is.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr Collins! Hope you're having a great day. My birthday (and Nik Kershaw's) was on Monday – first week of March clearly the best week to be born ;)Evangeline

  8. Happy Birthday!As for me (to follow the trend that's appearing here) I share my birthday with Jennifer Jason Leigh. I hope you've had a good day and that the nice Mr Herring doesn't try to bum rape you too much 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday, Andrew. Nice to know I share my birthday with such auspicious talent like yourself and Mr Womack.Keep up the good work.

  10. Hope you had a good birthday Andrew!Apparently I share my birthday with Jeff Bridges (which is incredibly pleasing). Also Tyra Banks and Jay-Z. So swings and roundabouts…

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