Breakfast time

Two days in for Shaun Keaveny at breakfast on 6 Music, 7-10am, which meant a 5am alarm, a 5.30am Prius, a 6am cup of instant coffee at the office, a 6.30am meeting with the team, and a 6.50am handover with Chris Hawkins [round of reciprocal applause]. It’s an absolute killer on day one, when your clock’s all out and your head’s on upside down, but I must admit, going to bed at 8pm last night made day two so much easier to cope with. I truly take my hat off to Shaun and all the other breakfast DJs, who make a routine and a lifestyle of it. I only had to do it for two days and it damn near wasted me.

Of course, the early shift would have been a lot less painful had I not been committed to two full days of brainstorming a new sitcom straight after, both days, 10.30am-5pm, followed by my Radio Times stint at the end of this afternoon, on top, which took me up to 7pm. I was flagging a bit by the end of today. Hey, I don’t need your sympathy – it’s all work, and if I don’t work, I don’t eat, and I’d rather be eating than not eating. But once again, working at the heart of 6 Music, my view is galvanised: this is an inspirational little radio station, with cool and enthusiastic people – like the two breakfast teams – working at it, and I wonder if it might be in its prime right now? Certainly the access and the interaction and the sheer swagger of the operation, combined with a more varied spread of music, a higher class of listener, and the freedom to be as spontaneous and amateurish as me on a near-daily basis and power a show on pure adrenalin and fun, makes it a unique operation. Long may it continue.


10 thoughts on “Breakfast time

  1. I think 6music was in its prime when we had the two Phils for breakfast, your good self in the morning, Vic McGlynn (& was it Lamaq back then?).6music lost its way a bit when George Lamb was hired. He's more suited to a late slot on Radio 1(!). Made me turn off the radio…But things have turned a corner with an inspired hiring of 'LaLa' Laverne. And even though the repetitiveness of the playlist these days is slightly annoying throughout the day, I still hear the odd song I've never heard before and go 'wow'.Long live 6music!

  2. Agree it has some of the best shoes on the radio at the moment. If anything its a shame you can't listen to it on the 'normal' radio. However if it wasn't a digital station I wonder if it would have been given the freedom it has.

  3. Agreed, Collings. 6 is doing a great job right now – it's found its way again. Always enjoyed your shows, esp now with your friend and it's great having Lala, Jarvis, Craig Charles, Huey, Lammo and the rest. Bring back A&J without ditching Herrin and my listening pleasure might be complete.

  4. 6Music – with one notable exception – is always listenable, which cannot be said for other numbered radio shows. Meanwhile is there any news on the A&J situation – *are* they coming back, or has Joe been permanently lured into the world of film?

  5. It’s unbelievable that there’s talk of the station being shut down at the moment. Sure it went through a rough patch when Lamb appeared and the playlist is repetitive, but there’s nothing else comes close to a lot of its output. Give all the broadcasters free reign to choose music and ditch the celebrity guests and it would be unassailable.

  6. George Lamb was unspeakably awful but since he's gone there's pretty much nothing on 6 that I'm not happy to listen to. Your good self being on early doors was a reason to betray Today and I don't do that very often. Nice work. (But if I were you, I'd swap a cafetiere for that instant coffee, instant coffee = urgh).

  7. Along with thousands of others, I'm absolutely devastated by the news. The fact that the BBC "pledge to allow commercial stations to be the main providers of popular music to listeners aged 30 to 50" is laughable. Can you suggest any or should I start listening to JLS and other reality-spawned "acts"? As you've said on Twitter, Facebook can't save us now, but is there anything we can do? Presumably once the powers that be have made their ill-informed decision, there's no going back.

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