I’m on nights all week, sitting in for Gideon Coe, 9-midnight on 6 Music, and it’s cosmic. We have the lights down low, nice hot cups of green tea, maybe a biscuit or a cheeky Double Decker, either me and Mark, or me and Justin, there’s barely another soul in the building, you’re entitled to a Prius home at the end, and it’s just fabulous old concert recordings and session tracks and nuggets thrown in like a track from Ostrich Churchyard here and a Young Marble Giants track there, and I get to hear more recent stuff that actually merits an ear like Felix or Tune-Yards or the Dum Dum Girls, or something ridiculously obscure like the Liggers from a Manchester Musicians Collective compilation. If the BBC Trust want less celebs and more music, which apparently they do, then they should listen to Gid’s show; it’s the station remit in an approachable hat. It’s been a pleasure playing with it, gentlemen. Oh, and look, Steve Lamacq popped in for a chat before his Radio 2 show tonight to tell us about Gyratory System, a nightmarish experimental jazz trio he saw by mistake. And then we played a Happy Mondays session, Public Enemy and Elvis live in Vegas, 1970. NEVER SHUT THIS NETWORK DOWN, YOU IDIOTS!

10 thoughts on “Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

  1. They're not going to shut it down now, are they? I got the impression the outcome of the Trust review was pretty positive. Possibly they have been listening to Gid's show?I love that version of Suspicious Minds. And it's great to hear the Tune-Yards session again (I've passed the age of recording stuff off the radio). The album is somewhat hampered by having been recorded on a dictaphone, so that's the best-produced stuff I've heard. I'm sure the loud bits on the LP version of Sunshine aren't good for your speakers. I'm really not very rock'n'roll, am I?But even I wouldn't knowingly go to see a band called Gyratory System.That wasn't Positive by DHoH BTW. It wasn't even DHoH. But perhaps you realised that.

  2. Well said, Andrew. I don't get to listen to 6 Music much as I used to, but I'd still be broken-hearted if it went. There's nothing that comes close in terms of quality of presenters (post-Lamb) and musical diversity.Nice to hear a few minutes of your fond reminiscences about Bauhaus the other night, too.

  3. 6Music used to be my default station, until the Lambing Down and a few "odd" scheduling decisions. And also, a change in my working hours, but still made sure I listened to A&J, Jon Holmes and Gideon Coe. Have been back more regularly thanks to Lauren Laverne, your depping and the odd tweek here and there. Gid makes it look so easy. He has long been one of my favbourite broadcasters, he was MY breakfast dj when at GLR, and he has a natural charm and is always interesting.6Music seems to getting back to how it used to be, which can only be a good thing. It would be criminal to close it down. It is as important a jewel in the BBC crown as Radio 3 and BBC4. And it's nice to know you and Mr H will still be about for a wee while longer on Saturdays.By the way, my Verification Word is CODGERS, my lips are sealed.

  4. 'Gyratory System' are ace! More live electronica than free Jazz, I'd say – or rather, they say (I'm copying what they on their myspace really) top stuff though! And they're gigging with the Dum Dum Girls – who's stuff i don't know…maybe i'll have a dig about now…….

  5. Perspective's a funny thing though, isn't it? About 6 months ago, 6Music's weekday line-up was much as it is now, with one obvious exception. The music policy was not discernably different. The Riley-Coe continuum was easily the best show in town. And people were lining up to say how crap the station had become and how they don't listen anymore and – oh – is that old thing still going?What happened to that place?

  6. The perfect job Andrew. I think the BBC are missing a massive opportunity to revolutionise radio. 6music is so close to being perfect. Playlist needs to be dropped. Imagine this: a station with hosts who like music. It's so close. Really enjoyed your house-sitting on Gideon's show and hope that you'll re-appear in other slots on the station again soon. Oh what I wouldn't give to host a show on 6.

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