If al-Qaeda had dropped a bomb on the green room of the Bloomsbury Theatre …

… on the Friday night of December’s Godless run, all of these talented comedians, musicians and curators would have been killed or injured, while I was hanging around with them. This fantastic, historic group shot, taken by Des Willie (left to right: Jim Bob, Jo Neary, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Peter Buckley Hill, Waen Shepherd and me) is part of an official New Humanist set which can now be accessed on Flickr. This picture represents the culmination of all those years I’ve spent hanging around and ingratiating myself with talented comedians and musicians. Look how they let me be in their photographs and appear at their gigs! I am a monument to persistence.


14 thoughts on “If al-Qaeda had dropped a bomb on the green room of the Bloomsbury Theatre …

  1. it has to be said that there is a lot of crisps…but more importantly crisps and comedians.a monument to crisps, variously flavoured comedians and the power of persistence.and power to your elbow Mr Ckeep on truckin'

  2. One of the things we have discovered with the benefit of 20th centuary science, is that crisps, rather than being a life-giving health food, make small children fat and then the die.(Stewart Lee 2000)

  3. …and yet TV's Garry Lineker promotes them. I think that the only sensible, rational explanation for this is that TV's Garry Lineker is sexually aroused by the thought of children becoming obese, getting cancer and dying.(S Lee)Sorry, had to finish Mr Green's quote off. It made me explode with laughter when I first heard it.Glad you are living your dream of hanging out with comedians, Andrew. I was at the first Hammersmith Apollo godless show and the one-off at the Bloomsbury in early 2009. So I have missed you at these events. If there is another Christmas godless show this year I will definitely go.

  4. Is RH working on an Edinburgh show about that top?What do you call a drummer who hangs around with comedians?I'd say something about the crisps but I can't say "crisps" properly.Snacks!

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