Radio Times Zelig

Had a nice time at this year’s Radio Times Covers Party at Claridge’s on Tuesday. As usual, I told famous people that I liked them – this year, David Morrissey – and engineered having my picture taken by the official photographer while standing next to people I know quite well – this year, Rob Brydon and Ben Miller. Oh, and James Nesbitt, who turns out to be as friendly and gregarious and, well, merry, as they all say he is, said to me, “Write me a sitcom!” More than once, and with a lot of emphasis. I suggested he could co-star with that other great Northern Irishman Michael Legge, and he agreed. So, that’s a commission, then, right? That’s how TV works, yes?


5 thoughts on “Radio Times Zelig

  1. I'm watching a repeat of QI (thank god for Dave!) and Mark Steel is a guest. It is absolutely amazing how much you two look alike! Sorry to tell you something you must have heard a thousand times but it is uncanny!

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