New blog

Today we officially launch the Collings & Herrin blog. Please bookmark it and sign up to the feed, as it will from now on become the indulgent home of all C&H news, and I can post up as many pics as I like without testing the patience of people who visit this blog but get fed up of all the C&H plugs and news. I may occasionally post things on both, but by and large, if you follow us, go here.

23 thoughts on “New blog

  1. you picked the best photo from the joint blog lol. the greedy f'kermissing ur 6music craic, eagerly awaiting 2mrw's pod. hopefully it'll be up before my walk to uni at 12, got a big presentation to do and may be nervousColin Andrews

  2. Far from it, F-C – this will be my blog. The other one will be the C&H blog. I suspect the other one will have less written content, but more info and plugs. It seems like a good way of separating the two strands of my life. (Some ingrates have complained about the frequency of plugs for C&H gigs etc. on here.)

  3. Helen, I don't really understand "followers" – and I'm not sure I can remove you. Have you tried removing yourself? I don't have followers on my other blog and have never felt the need. I could get rid of the facility, although I'm not sure why your employer's logo has come up?

  4. Although I don't follow the podcast, I've never minded the relevant postings because at least it means there are fairly regular updates here. And those postings, and the responses, can still make entertaining reading. There's a danger, without the C&H stuff, of this blog not being updated for quite long periods. That's good news if it means you're busy, but it may actually make the ingrates whinge more.

  5. If it hadn't been for the podcasts leading me to your blog I would have missed out on all the interesting posts, and can't help feeling that others may now be unwittingly deprived of your uninterrupted view of the world. Also the new blog has a "report abuse" section, someone is going to be very very busy.Rub

  6. Very nice, though is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.Joining a list including: twitter, facebook, youtube,, BBC in Chinese, … good company, I guess.(I'm using a proxy to access it)

  7. A brave new world for C&H… H being far to complimentary about you on his blog these days, have you worn him down!!Welsh One – some very funny moments, couldn't detect the fatigue of the marathon day.Any views on the new Clooney film before we head off to see it, trailer looked okay.

  8. I noticed on the CH Blog you state Some of them, we've played, but sort of grudgingly, as there's something about "production" that feels wrong on the podcast. and now you have a dedicated website, T shirts, tour dates..hmmm…looks like a lot of 'production' to me. 😉

  9. hi andrew, can you add the C@H blog to your list of links on the right hand side of your blog?makes it easier to navigate to and presume will increase your hits.John

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