Radio Zelig

It’s been a fun run of 6 Music shows. I am back in the Nemone slot, 1-4pm, on Monday, after my three day Cardiff jaunt, and that will be my last week before she returns from maternity leave. (I have notched up something like 20 shows. It’s been like having a job.)

Anyway, These are my holiday snaps so far. In the first, I am trying to look grumpy and misanthropic for Luke Haines, who wasn’t grumpy or misanthropic at all, of course, even though his publisher had failed to get his book into the shops for Christmas. In the second, I am unable to be as grumpy-looking as Henry Rollins, so I have plumped for beaming happily (also, Fleet Foxes are playing, and Henry doesn’t like the sound of them at all). And finally, Damo Suzuki from Can is putting an arm around me and making me super proud. Interestingly, both Rollins and Suzuki objected to me playing a vintage track of theirs while they were on – for Rollins, Rise Above from Black Flag’s classic 1981 debut Damaged; for Suzuki, the unlikely hit Spoon from Can’s 1971 album Ege Bamyasi – Rollins went into a rant about dismissing all the work he’s ever done since 1981 by playing it and I let him get it out of his system before pressing the button; Suzuki was more languid but said that he only looks forward as the eyes are at the front of the head. He wasn’t going to fight me over it. Neither had a new record to promote or play, incidentally; both were plugging gigs.

Most days we don’t have famous guests in – it’s just as much fun talking to Martin White or the Pajama Men or Dave Hill the comedian or Rhodri Marsden or Alex Heminsley. But it’s cool to get some snaps for the family album.

7 thoughts on “Radio Zelig

  1. I'll miss you in the afternoons Andrew, it's been a real treat, like having an old friend back again. Hard to believe there was a time where it looked like you might never return. I thought your bridges were well and truly burned when you made that GL comment on the podcast, but it apparently worked in your favour! You deserve a bigger audience, maybe if you go on record calling Ken Bruce a 'speed camera hating c**t' they'll let you sit in for Steve Wright on R2 next time.

  2. Mr CCommon sense seems to have returned to the HR dept of 6music. It's been lovely to have you back on the radio, and lovely to hear you're going to sit in for Gid for a week too.Weekends just didn't seem right with Collins & Herring on the radio. I hope when this run is over that they find a way to come up with a more sustainable arrangement.

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