Dead as a Dido

So, Richard is back from Mauritius, jet-lagged, with a small put poignant avian gift for me (pictured) and the rich tan of a vain Giorgio Armani footballer. Having been apart for two weeks, during which Richard developed an unhealthy hatred for a nine-year-old girl in his hotel and saw four films on a plane, and I worked really hard, in our 98th podcast we have plenty to catch up on, including: the snow, Peter Kay’s autobiography, Richard’s autobiography and the Ronnie Corbett Scandal. We also find time to discuss what Beyonce will do for money, whether Wales counts as a proper country or not, the rubbish threats of Daffy from N-Dubz, the solecisms of poorly educated people and Lenny Henry’s big hands.


10 thoughts on “Dead as a Dido

  1. Peter Kay's "Garlic Bread" explores a man's doubts about the existence of a particular foodstuff.Richard Herring's "A Mars Bar" explores a man's existential doubts about a particular foodstuff.Yet one is much funnier than the other. Discuss(?)

  2. Andrew, to call back to the previous 'cast, if you want to see people riding around on Segways go to the shopping centre in Milton Keynes. The security guards use them to whizz about. It's all very Logan's Run (or maybe Sleeper).But then again, as I recall it is the place which so disturbed you that you "embraced communism" and hence may not be high on your visiting list.

  3. great podcast guys,i especially enjoyed the brief ten pole tudor tribute act. i have noticed that some of the best banter occurs in the episodes recorded just after richard has been deprived of something (sleep,alcohol,dignity).perhaps this can help find items for your highlights reel. good luck with the awards,let me know if foreigners can vote 🙂

  4. By the way, this has nothing to do with the podcast but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your short piece on Christmas as a child which was published in the John Lewis magazine. It was a great story which, along with the others printed, seemed to hit the correct festive nostalgia spot.Claire

  5. As a new feature for 2010 (and in no way a rip-off of Adam and Joe's Song Wars) how about a topical song in each podcast?My nominations for this week would be Richard singing "Georgia on my mind" and you singing "The Mighty Quim" in the style of Susan Boyle.

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