Abdication crisis: latest


The people have spoken: I should not take over from Jonathan Ross on Film 2010. Fair enough. (I understand the BBC will be basing their decision on the results of this mail-order DVD rental shop poll.)

46 thoughts on “Abdication crisis: latest

  1. Ooh, I wouldn't say that! As a strongly placed number two behing Kermode, I think the gig could well be yours. Particularly if the Beeb decide that Kermode doing the Five Live show (which he'll surely keep doing) and The Film Programme is a bit too much film for one man.I'd love to see you get job.

  2. Hey, at least you beat Fern Britton. And if this is like getting a job at college, then you'd think Paul Ross would just simply take over. Worked for me when my brother worked at the newsagents.

  3. I've been watching the live flash video of Kermode & Mayo on the R5 site and it does make for great telly – Kermode alone reading off an autocue I'm not sure about but that's more a problem with the format of the show. Maybe work will come when K&M take their hols and the beeb need another double act to replace them.

  4. Much as I love the good doctor, I can't help thinking he's a bit too…contrary to host the programme. Bit too much of a lefty type (much as it would please me).I don't think there are any obvious candidates if you are looking at it from a BBC perspective, and I can imagine they might surprise us with someone well known with a previously little known love of film. I'd be happy if you got the job though.

  5. My instant reaction to hearing about Wossy's departure was 'Kermode!', but actually I'd be very happy if you were to do it. Actually, I think it would be great if you both did it as a UK 'Siskel and Ebert' / 'Ebert and Roeper' type thing.

  6. I hadn't thought about the 'film thisyear' program, just the radio and talk show. Here's hoping you get the gig, it would certainly give you tv-appearance bragging rights for the podcast.Maybe if there was a more authoritative poll set up somewhere the nerd army could get you the 14%.

  7. I think you're definitely a contender, Kermode seems to be devoid of humour most of the time, hes' a great presenter but not an entertainer. That list doesn't mean anything though, they ommited Charlie Brooker – surely a shoe-in? Sorry Andrew.

  8. As you've already said via Twitter, Kermode is the man.I love film but have to confess to not watching the Film Programme for many years. It's not that I didn't like Wossy. It's more that the programme was really rather dull. Desk based, formulaic interviews, uninspiring delivery and a terrible time slot.Kermode is a star but a huge part of his stardom is built on the brilliant relationship he displays with Mayo.If I was a TV producer, I'd be looking to change the programme dramatically. Move it to 8:00 on BBC2, possibly bring in an audience but most importantly bring in Mayo as well as Kermode.Interstingly Wossy on his Twitter account was asking for suggestions on jazzing up the film programme less than a week ago! Don't be surprised if he resurfaces on another channel with a new film programme very soon.As for Mr Collings, stay to the end of movies, let your own opinion drive your reviews, increase your passion level, demonstrate more enthusiastically that you love movies and a radio gig is in the offing. You may also need to off "Floyd and Boyd" as they've been doing a pretty good job recently.

  9. Second is still good but let's face facts Kermode was always going to be the main runner in this race. You can at least take solace in one thing the Beeb got right with the recommissioning of 'Not going out' :)Let's just hope they don't do one of those god forsaken rolling presenter formats. The Film programme is a BBC staple and not something to muck up.

  10. Andrew you must BELIEVE. I think you're in with a strong shout. do the BBC have to approach you or would you have to toss your name in the hat?

  11. And Kermode hates EVERYTHING!! Well, not quite, but you know what I mean. Presenter of mainstream film & cinema review show slates almost everything at your local multiplex – sell that to the programme editor. You're a shoe-in, Collings….

  12. I love listening to Kermode & Mayo, but what makes that show is the ranting and the debated with the audience, that's not what Film 20xx is like. I just don't see Kermode doing it. I'm sure he was the most prominent film critic besides Norman when he left and he didn't take over then.I'm also passing over you Andrew, sorry to say. I think Johnny Vaughan would be the best man for the job and he's not even on the list. Ok he had a couple of dodgy shows on the beeb a while back, but he started out reviewing films on Moviewatch and that was a great show. JR presenting the Film programme was not the same ego filled JR that presented the chat show, and Johnny would likely be exactly the same.

  13. I think you have a decent chance, as will the Lauren and James King. Claudia W if they want to go for the entertainment crowd more than the film crowd.Kermode is the obvious choice as the resident BBC movie chap, but I don't think he'd be very suited a mainstream show. He's undeniable knowledgeable but he is a bit Marmite. I don't think he has the wide for BBC1 flagship show like this. He's much more suited to The Culture Show.If you did get it, would he have to stop walking out of screenings in disgust?!

  14. Film 2010 with Kermode and Collins has a ring to it, plus your experience at getting bullied by Richard Herring will have trained you well for a partnership with the Good Doctor.

  15. Fearne Cotton would be a brilliant choice. Failing that, Noel Edmonds. Hey – Fearne and Noel together. If not, then Graham Norton. Yes. Graham and Noel. The dream ticket.Actually, Michael Palin might be suitable for it.

  16. I think Kermode should do it. But I think you'd be good at doing it as well Andrew. What would be interesting is that if you did get the job you could take Stuart Maconie with you? That way Collins & Maconie's movie Club would make a remarkable comeback. That said though if Kermode doesn't get the gig it would be the film equivalent of Brian Clough not getting the England football manager's job.

  17. Actually I think Edith Bowman would be worth a shout also. Her partnership with James King on her Radio 1 show is just as entertaining as Mayo & Kermode are on 5 Live.

  18. I echo what a few others are saying. They could take the Mayo/Kermode two-ways from the Culture show and turn it into a full program called Film 2010/1etc. Mayo can do the interviews with the trashy A-listers and counterpoint Kermode's hate-everything routine. Same name but different prog.Or, they could take an "it ain't broke" approach to the Ross show and give it to Andrew!Orand I think this is possible…give it toStuart Maconie.Even better (IMO):Collins and Maconie's Film 2010.

  19. Are Adam and Joe getting bored with the 6Music slot? If Joe can give it up for 3 months to direct a film then it seems he's mentally moving on. Why not move them to the Radio 2 slot, with the higher profile and money as bait? Then Collings and Herrin can do 6Music. Stewart Lee for the Film programme.

  20. To my knowledge, no announcement has been made about Gethin Jones. Also, as far as I'm aware, Chris, speculation is harmless and free! (I wouldn't have even bothered posting about it if I genuinely thought I was in with a shout. I'm not deluded.)

  21. [adopts Kaye 'garlic bread' tone]Gethin Jones?? Gethin? Jones???Nice guy, affable & more-than-able presenter, but I've obviously missed his long-standing passion for and thorough knowledge of cinema…Very odd choice, if it's true.

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