Icon go for that

Even though Rich is on holiday in Mauritius and I am hard at work on the radio, we present a special 97th Podcast Review Of The Decade. Using only the Guardian‘s Icons Of The Decade supplement as a guide, we look back over the last ten years and try to make sense of it all, by not making sense at all, which seems appropriate. There’s talk of 9/11 conspiracy theories, David Beckham’s vanity or lack thereof, and a bit about Tony Blairs. It’s a bit like Newsnight, really. We hope to be back, in person, before the end of next week, when Richard gets back all tanned and tropical and full of insects.


10 thoughts on “Icon go for that

  1. How seriously you all suddenly take it! Are you sure I've never embarrassed myself before in over 100 podcasts? Shall I run everything I intend to talk about past the committee before opening my mouth next time, or would you rather, hey, that we just carried on saying whatever we like? I honestly do not understand how you can not be offended by some of Richard's more scurrilous riffs and find my ridiculous flights of fancy in some way unacceptable.

  2. The idea of seeing a baby girl and biding your time is not at all fanciful, as one David Garnett did with the daughter of Vanessa Bell (Virginia Woolf's sister) in 1918:"Although Garnett was primarily heterosexual, he had affairs with Francis Birrell and Duncan Grant. He was present at the birth of Grant's daughter, Angelica Garnett (née Bell), on 25 December 1918, and wrote to a friend shortly afterwards, "I think of marrying it. When she is 20, I shall be 46 — will it be scandalous?". When Angelica was in her early twenties, they did marry (on 8 May 1942), to the horror of her parents."From the wiki.

  3. Enjoyed this one very much.Your praise of The Looming Tower as your favourite "9/11" book gave me a small swell of pride (I recommeded it to you many moons ago in one of my first ever comments). I'll even forgive you the Pentagon missile stuff – I disagree but as you say its fun to conjecture.Spookily Richard drifted into a discussion of horse sex just after I'd read the following on the BBC "Warrant out for horse sex accused" (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicestershire/8444134.stm.) Given you recorded it over a week ago I think you ought to introduce a regular "Mystic Smeg" item.Word verification: groti

  4. A cracking podcast. Richard's been on superb form recently. The riff about you licking your lips was hilarious. Remember that stuff about David Miliband 'talced balls' a few weeks ago? I'm still chuckling to myself about that now. Keep up the good work.

  5. I was one of those gullible fools like Richard who believed what Mr. Blair was telling them but I do like to think I assess each situation on it's own merits and to be fair and the time of 9/11 I was 13 but I do think you are wrong on this one. Also although I hardly think it is worth stating I do think your Podcast's are fantastic. As a wider point, and perhaps I am blinded by my ignorance of history, but I do think my generation is more gullible than in the past even if in the past people were more likely to shout conspiracy when there was none.

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