Who’s in here? Oh, it’s a lovely cat

Before I recycle my reliable Cats Protection advent calendar 2009, I thought I’d scan it for posterity. Cats Protection have had a tough year, coping with the £11.2 million they lost at the end of 2008 when the Icelandic banks went belly-up (that’s about a third of their annual donations) and having to put building work on new adoption centres on ice (ha ha, not funny). I think they deserve a thought at a time of year when even more people are getting rid of unwanted kittens. Maybe give them a donation. (Enjoy, in particular, Lucky, Smithy, Dandy and Marcos.)

11 thoughts on “Who’s in here? Oh, it’s a lovely cat

  1. 11m loss to a niche charity is crippling, thats a real shame. As a cat owner I can never quite understand when people just dump a domesticated (family member) cat onto the streets – very sad as they are wonderful expressive creatures. Some cats cannot cut it going ferral – ah, the whole subject just saddens me. We picked our cat up as a kitten from a local refuge almost 9 years ago on a valentines day and she has been a member of the family ever since. When she eventually goes it will be difficult, my wife in particular since the kids have grown up treats her like another child.Anyway, only another cat lover would understand that sentiment…Back to the plot. In the closed loop of economic boom and bust someone so will have benefited from the misfortune of the Icelandic economy and those like this charity downstream. Thats the lottery of the free market. Albeit the same parasites appear to benefit no matter what they leech like economic post nuclear cockroaches. Bastards.

  2. Ahn, how lovely. My first cat Dave, who I've now had for three months, somehow found a new box of cat treats last night, prised it open and ate the whole lot; stole Mr JRME's turkey right off his plate on Xmas day; and is currently fighting me as if to the death for control of both my laptop keyboard and my goat's cheese and crackers. But still, I wouldn't now be without the little sod.Have you seen Maru's latest video? Slow-motion shakey-drying!

  3. I commend you. I'd do anything for cats too, which is why we're sponsoring a Kitty Kabin at the revamped Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.See here for details:battersea.org.uk/get_involved/cattery_appeal.htmlAnd a very happy New Year to you.

  4. I shall give them a donation.Our family cat died last week after fifteen years long service. I think she was getting very old and dad almost had to take her to the vet to get her put down as she was very weak.Sadly I wasn't there to say goodbye and I found out about her passing away (peacefully in her sleep) in a queue for tickets at Sheffield train station and bawled my eyes out in front of everybody.I loved her very much.Cats are great, ain't they? It's just a shame they have to go.

  5. Bit of a late comer to this blog, I just read this and it made me cry.All that money gone, thats so sad. I will be donating even though Im a student and should be buying books.I have offically banned myself from venturing near an Cats Protection adoption centre because I know I will have to come away with at least 3 cats, my cats are RSPCA cats, I love cats and received some cat shaped Christmas baubles last Christmas, it was most bizarre.

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