Don’t speak!

You don’t deserve us. Or maybe we don’t deserve you. One or the other. Richard is going on holiday to Mauritius to find a Dodo tomorrow and I am working right through to the end of January, yet still we manage to find time to record Podcast 96. Because I lost my voice on Sunday and am still awaiting its full return, I’m mainlining honey and lemon and cherry Strepsils; this still gives Rich the chance to dominate proceedings, as we discuss the Nigerian Pants Bomber, Hannah Waterman’s amazing weight loss, Paul Hogan’s amazing age gain, and the surprise fate of the Harry Potter movie franchise.


17 thoughts on “Don’t speak!

  1. In Podcast 96: What podcast did Richard listen for the first time (around 23.50)? You yelled as he was saying the title. I may be stupid but i couldn't work out what podcast it was from you and Richard's discussion about it.

  2. I still recommend Ciider Vinegar, Honey and hot water. Hope you're feeling better soon. Missed you today as back to work at the popular high street bank I work in, so not sure if the warped cassette sound is still in full effect. Will catch up on the i-Player later.Hope it doesn't put a dampner on your time back in the hot seat.

  3. I actually feel fine, concerned people – I just sound terrible. The infection just seems to have focussed on my throat and my vocal chords. I think I sound worse in real life than I do through the radio, or so Steve Lamacq assures me.

  4. I saw Lamacq on 'The Best Songs of the Noughties' or whatever it was.The man out of the Zutons was the only qualified rock n roll type on it.But who can disagree that Snow Patrol wrote the best song of the past ten years?*sarcasm*

  5. About to lose myself in a Lemsip haze, so thought i better mention this before the lemony drowsiness kicks in.'Debo' Mitford, the youngest of the sisters was interviewed by Peter White on Radio 4 earlier this evening, it's on iPlayer if you haven't already scouted it out, Andrew. Good bits are the bit about taking tea with Hitler and living in a house with 17 bathrooms.

  6. YEah like steve lamacq sounds 'normal' on the radio :)Andrew I don't understand why you did a podcast today referring to a podcast that you did last week that won't be broadcast until next week – I was a little perturbed when you started talking about very current things when I was under the impression that this one was recorded before the one you are going to release next week that was done last week!aarrrgh!

  7. To clarify:Because we had recorded the Perfect 12 with Phill and Phil the week before last, but it was put out last week, that became last week's podcast, so we used the fact that we had a week off to pre-record a podcast that could go out next week, while Rich is on holiday. Today's was this week's. That makes sense doesn't it? Because next week's was recorded last week, we gave each other our presents and opened them on-air. However, it would seem odd to refer to the presents when listeners won't yet know what the presents are, hence the meta-confusion.All it means is: even though one of us is going on holiday, like normal people do, somehow, we have provided an extra podcast to tide you all over. Because we care. Others wouldn't bother.

  8. Listening to the podcast at the gym tomorrow, just in the middle of watching "nine lessons and carols for godless people" from 2008. Which has RH and your goodself…somewhere in this fine DVD.Ince quoting Carl Sagan:"Summing up the nuclear arms race, two men up to their waists in petrol, one with five matches one with seven…""To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe…""The cosmos is everything there is, everything there was and everything there ever will be, we are all made of star stuff the stuff of us is the stuff of the stars…"Magic

  9. I've got a few podcasts to catch up with, but I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed hearing you on 6Music sitting in for Cerys, even though you sound poorly. Great to hear you again 🙂

  10. Your crictisim of the scene in "Nowhere Boy" where George joins the band is unfounded. You obviously don't know your Beatles history. The scene (I haven't seen the film)sounds quite close to the truth to me. George got into the Beatles from playing I think either Raunchy or 24 Flight Rock to John on a bus. A La "hi this is my mate George" style scenario.You complete Div!!!Lucas

  11. Lucas, I know my Beatles history well enough, thanks. My complaint is the dramatic shorthand: new face appears in audience at gig, cut to new face being introduced as George etc. Thanks for trying to pick me up on it and prove me stupid, though.

  12. Well my biggest problem with Nowhere Boy (which I actually really enjoyed and thought was the perfect thing to go see at the cinema between Christmas and New Year) was that the lad cast as John was far too good looking. I just don't believe that anyone as beautiful as that would ever have developed Lennon's cutting wit and complicated personality.

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