Not Staying Off

It must be true as I’ve read it on some websites. Not Going Out, the audience sitcom that used to get as many as 3.9 million viewers at 9.30 on a Friday night on BBC1 when it should have been tipping the 4 million mark, has been reprieved. We learned in March this year that it had been cancelled by the BBC – I announced it here – and I must admit we were all very surprised, and very sorry, as we’d come through the potential minefield of a principal castmember leaving after Series 1 and, we felt, re-established it as a potential returning series in 2 and 3. It seems, then, that we are producing six new episodes for next autumn, which will air in a later slot, midweek, on BBC1, thus taking the pressure off us a bit – and raising the pressure a bit at the same time ie. we’d better make it work!

I personally can’t wait to work with Lee and the rest of the gang again. This is some good news for 2010. And can I just offer a vote of thanks to all those who left messages of condolence and support, or signed petitions, or just came up to me and said how much they liked Not Going Out, whether from within the industry, or without. The people have spoken. I love the BBC.

Oh, and the spare Christmas episode from Series 3 – guest star: Bobby Ball – goes out on Wednesday, BBC1 at 10.45, to see how that later, midweek slot feels. What could have been a rather sad swansong has turned into a swan. Or something shit like that.


10 thoughts on “Not Staying Off

  1. Great to see it back on telly. Maybe you can sneak secret dancing into an episode.The time slot makes absolutely no sense though. should be 10pm at the latest. Although, it does allow you to sneak in a few swears.

  2. I'm very pleased for you (and all involved)at the BBC's volte face on this one. I'd only just twigged on to the series after seeing a Tim Vine live gig (unexpectedly fan-bloody-tastic!)when there it was, gone. If I'm honest, I felt that it was "finding it's feet" but had a lot of charm and looked like it was going to bed in nicely. Now it is!I'll add myself to next Wednesday's viewing figures and then wait for next autumn to roll around.

  3. I watched an episode while in Australia and laughed my face off. I shall get a boxset.The same happened with Gavin & Stacey which I'd previously chosen to ignore.Then on the plane I gave in to an episode of Outnumbered on one of them tellys they have in the seats. I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong.

  4. I'd like to think of this as an early Christmas present. I genuinely enjoyed this series, have never missed an episode and love Lee Mack, watching him on screen, I am reminded of the warmth of watching Eric Morecambe.I hope this is taken as a compliment.

  5. I'm delighted to hear that NGO will return later in the year – just saw the news in a piece on Lee in The Times – although I can't say that I'll be sorry to see Miranda Hart leave the series. Good luck Andrew.

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