As it recurs to me

Thanks, as ever, to Andy McH, for this exclusive footage from last night’s triumphant, end-of-run As It Occurs To Me at the Leicester Square Theatre, in front of a packed house of around 400 nerds.

For context: throughout the run, Richard Herring, to whom the sketch-based events have always occurred, has turned me – or a cartoon version of me – into a recurring character, along with Richard Whiteley, the “simples” Meerkat, Susan Boyle and the man in the queue behind Richard in Waitrose. (It really is a modern-day Fist Of Fun, without the being-on-television part.) I have secretly enjoyed the inaccurate impression of me by Dan Tetsell (based note for note on Ken Worthington rather than, say, me) and my fictional need to appear on the show reached a dramatic peak in show nine.

So I paid ten pounds for a ticket to the last show, and sat in the audience, as an audience member, with my friends Michael and James, and a pear cider in my hand, ready to be entertained. But … I had secretly been down to the theatre in the afternoon to rehearse the climax of Richard’s very well written Christmas Carol remake in which he visits the grave of Tiny Andrew Collings in a ghostly vision of the future and sees the error of his grumpy ways. Having been mocked by the Ken Worthington-voiced Dan Tetsell throughout the show, I was finally called up on stage. It was a bit like Al Pacino finally meeting Robert De Niro in Heat. Because I am a professional, and not just mucking about for Haribo sweets like Richard and Dan and Emma, I had learned my lines, thus giving the final denouement a patina of authentic spontaneity. I might win an Evening Standard Theatre Award to add to all my other awards.

Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed my brief moment in the spotlight, even though, ironically, every word I said had been written for me by Richard Herring.

… And here’s a pic taken by James from Bath (who came all the way to Brighton from Bath last week, and all the way to London from Bath last night):


21 thoughts on “As it recurs to me

  1. Twas a moment of genius… and learning your lines certainly gave the initial impression you were holding your own making it all the funnier. It was a great night and fantastic surprise…

  2. I enjoyed the show – great climax. So much so I managed to leave my hat, jumper and iPhone behind in my seat. One of the 400 'nerds' delivered it to me before I'd chance to miss it. Thanks to her – a lovely smile too

  3. I enjoyed the show – great climax. So much so I managed to leave my hat, jumper and iPhone behind in my seat. One of the 400 'nerds' delivered it to me before I'd chance to miss it. Thanks to her – a lovely smile too

  4. Alas, I was nerd #401 and turned up on the off-chance of securing a ticket, only for the chap in front of me to get the last one.I look forward to the podcast though I think your post could've used a Spoiler Alert 😉

  5. Andrew, I wanted to ask the same question as Adam.You know, I don't think it would be a bad thing at all because:1. You'd be monetised.2. You, Mr. Collins, would be in control.3. Richard would always have to make an effort, even on those days when he can't be bothered.Please BBC. Plleeeeeessse!

  6. Feel free not to publish this if it's no help…Looking in notepad, the bit from "< a href="rtsp:…" to the next "< / a >" (without the spaces) immediately before your post starts ("< br / >< br / >Thanks, as ever…") is the "ghost" picture. I don't know whether you can edit the page at that level though.

  7. I'm guessing the "Adam question" relates to a query raised by Adam in the Brilliant at Drawing thread. That was, 'Will you and RKH be taking over from Adam and Joe' but I think you've already answered it.

  8. It was an absolutely fab end to the run & I am now satisfied I've got my money's worth from my pirate Virgilio Anderson T-Shirt! I shall email you if any of my pics came out clearly enough.

  9. Hi AndrewLoved the show… It was me in the Secret Dancing t-shirt. Only realised belated that I didn't introduce myself properly…I will try to find you at work next week if you give me a hint which day you wil be around…Sue

  10. Hello Andrew, nice to meet you at the gig yesterday; 3rd time I’ve seen RH this year and I thought it was easily the best. On the sponsorship front, once assorted coffees, cakes, ginger beers, oat milks, pear ciders or jazz mags' costs have been deducted from my donation, I'd be grateful if you could split any remainder towards your respective charities. It's Christmas, etc, etc.If you could perhaps cough or beckon anybody toward my Pitflaps that would be good too. Though I appreciate that neither yourself nor Richard seem remotely interested in sport and hence certainly won’t be interested in the one this is about, the website’s more a reflection of my affliction with it’s hold on me coupled with my vague other affliction to try and be amusing. So if you’d rather not poison the podcast with Pitflaps please just say the money’s from me and err…Merry Christmas boys and girls, peace on earth and all that.CheersMarcus

  11. Andrew, sorry, I was posting on the last C&H post. The question is this:"Andrew, are you and Richard booked in to replace Adam and Joe whilst they take a break for a few months? If so, do you know who is? I think you'd both fit the part well, as demonstrated before :)"Also, I just listened to the last AIOTM and haven't laughed so much in a long time. You were fantastic Andrew.As a hardcore Lee and Herring fan from the Fist of Fun days, I can safely conclude that AIOTM was BETTER than Stu's TV show. There I've said it! Who agrees with me? If you could pass on this Richard, I'd be grateful.

  12. T'was a great night out, (as mentioned in a different forum) I was explaining to my Gf who you were whilst standing behind you at the bar whilst you were ordering your pear cider. By the way I've got the Dave Tetsell's version of you down pat. You're shorter than I thought, but then Richard was too (and fatter).

  13. I shat myself listening to you two on the tube. I had to get out at Green Park because of the embarassment.Luckily the Waterstones on Piccadilly was still open. Their toilets are really nice, but I'm afraid I made a bit of a mess.

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