Language that may offend

Well, my three-week George Lamb/Cerys Matthews run on 6 Music ended with a bang today – well, with a fuck. Sylvain Sylvain, legendary, dapper, surprisingly well preserved guitarist with the New York Dolls and one of only two surviving members from the classic 70s lineup, came in for an interview which went really well – we even played in a clip of Morrissey introducing a Dolls track from Desert Island Discs. However, due to my innate ability to make interviewees relax, in the second part the good-natured, throaty and utterly professional Sylvain forgot himself and said “fuck” while telling an anecdote about driving with Malcolm McLaren from Florida to New York. If you want to hear the “fuck” it’s around 1:21 on the iPlayer (apparently the current policy is not to edit the swears out, but warn of “language which may offend”, which they have done).


In a way, it was the perfect end to a great week in the Cerys seat – live and dangerous! I apologised immediately, which is all a BBC presenter can do on live radio. Funnily enough, a week ago, in the Lamb slot, Paul King, director of Bunny & The Bull and The Mighty Boosh, said “pissed off” and I had to apologise for that too. I am Bill Grundy.

I’ve had a fantastic three weeks back at the old ranch. Today was Steve Lamacq’s second annual Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day, so I even got to be in a staff photo with all the people half my age who now work there. You may or may not be able to see that I am wearing a UB40 World Tour 1986-87 t-shirt. This is not mine. I borrowed it. Because I do not own a single band t-shirt.


And here’s me in Sylvain’s hat.

I’ll be back on 6 Music, this time filling in for Steve, on December 22 and 23, then in the Cerys slot after Christmas before it reverts back to being the Nemone slot midway through January 2010. Thanks for all the supportive comments I’ve received by email, text and Tweet throughout the run. It makes all the difference.


10 thoughts on “Language that may offend

  1. Andrew,I heard quite a few of your shows over the last few weeks and, at the risk of sounding sycophantic, they were all excellent. I would love to hear you back on the Radio in a regular slot, hope the suits at 6Music were listening to you.

  2. Only managed to hear two shows this week due to illness – my daughter's on Monday and mine today (she kindly passed her germs on!) – but I really enjoyed them. You always manage to pull some long forgotten gems out of the record box.Really enjoyed the interview with the pottymouth New York Doll and the fact that you couldn't apologise quick enough. I think you've set a new world record for an on-air radio profanity apology. Call Norris McWhirter.

  3. Nice handling of the F word incident Andrew. I especially like the numerous 'oh, oh, oh's at the beginning – that's crying out for a Nathan Jay remix surely? In fact we haven't had one of those for a while have we? Nathan if you're reading, how about a best of 2009 special with such gems as 'mah favourite programme' incorporated into it? Don't leave us, er, hanging.Afraid to say haven't heard you on the radio due to being at work though did catch about 15 mins or so when I volunteered to go and get the fruit for the office purely so I had the chance to listen on my phone en route. That's quite an honour I tells ya – I never volunteer for such tasks.

  4. I must echo the above comments. It's always good to have you back on the wireless, as engaging as ever with a good selection of forgotten tracks from the past that get me hunting in my attic.And it's just good that the new regime seem to appreciate you more than the last one.Look forward to your next apearance SuperSub.

  5. yeah it's been great. being overseas I listen via iplayer. I particularly like to see the bit where it says "Cerwyss Matthews" or "George Lamb" but they put your picture there instead, without changing the caption. How does anyone keep a t-shirt alive from 1986? was it in a glass cabinet? All of my band t-shirts had to be retired on account of small mysterious burn holes at the front. CheersMatt

  6. Also, were you randomly on radio 5 too? I think I heard you commenting about the smoking ban and glastonbury, but i was half asleep so not sure if it was all a dream…awrabestmatt

  7. Loved your recent 6 music stint in particular the 1st show at 10am. Remembered why I fell in love with 6 music in the 1st place. Music before ego.Also highly amused by lightning apology. It was so swift and emphatic I missed the offending expletive. OK – I may have done that already. Great stuff.Mike

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