Who is Hot Dog?

WARNING! NOT AS GOOD AS LAST WEEK’S! In our 93rd podcast, we drift back into mediocrity after last week’s unexpected peak of hilarity based upon the writings of a nine-year-old boy. This week, dozy on pear cider – and in Richard’s case, “a couple” beforehand, like Christmas has come early or something – we go old school and sift through pages and pages of news, important and unimportant, like the sailors who accidentally sailed into Iran, the golfer who accidentally sailed into a cocktail waitress and the lookalike of Simon Cowell who accidentally sailed onto the front cover of the tear-powered Daily Mail. [Oh, and we forgot to take our photo afterwards, which is why Richard only appears in puppet form in this one. He’s probably sleeping it off somewhere on a bed of five-star reviews.]


17 thoughts on “Who is Hot Dog?

  1. I know you've been busy, what with doing a proper job an' all, but I must confess to being slightly disappointed that you haven't posted anything on here between the last podcast and this one.Come on, pull your finger out. We need BSG rambling at the very least.– Davidp.s. I did actually quite enjoy this one, albeit I wasn't crying with laughter as I was last week.

  2. I do hope you're joking, David. Only, if you're not, please bear in mind that if I don't work, I don't earn, and if I don't earn, I don't eat. And if I don't eat, I die. And then there won't be any more free blog entries or free podcasts.

  3. Another solid dose of comedy, I can't believe how lucky we are to live in this age of free excellent stuff. All the freebie things does encourage me to put my hand in my pocket, I'm off to AIOTM and the London podcast and given my advanced years I usually only get to go out once a month so that is two months of my life taken care of. I am not sure I could cope with someone being as rude as Richard is even if it was an act so hats off to you Andrew, you are a modern day Jesus.Jim

  4. I recommend listening to the full Richard Bacon show from 3rd Dec. The tension in the studio during the conversation about the larger person was palpable, but that woman from Fatceptance or whatever its called just seemed completely ignorant. How the hell do you argue a point with someone who just doesn't want to accept the fact that pushing more calories through your face than you use is going to mean you put weight on, it's pure physics for crying out Pete's sake.No wonder the other guy was getting frustrated. I was listening to it today (after the fact) so I had no outlet to vent my spleen about this unbelievably ignorant individual. You were clearly trying to be pragmatic but I'm not sure she deserved it.Apropos nothing, I'm sure someone must have mentioned this to you previously, but I've listened to al the Collings and Herrin podcasts and don't recall it being spoken of, but the description of your partnership on LastFM is quite humourous, describing Richard as it does as "90s TV funnyman".

  5. If you Google "90s TV Funnyman" you only get 4 results, 3 of which are Bob Mills and the other is said Richard Herring reference, so presumably in 10,000 years when the future Tony Robinson digs up information about the late 20th century Richard Herring and Bob Mills will finally be placed in some high esteem, although Bob clearly higher.

  6. I hang my head in shame at the idiots on here…Andrew dont you listen to these people. You work away, I certainly dont want you starving and dying!! Couldnt cope without the podcasts. Some people can be so selfish.X

  7. After your confusion at the start time of the C+H Xmas Party at the Duke of York I double-checked the time online & they are stating two different start times: the original 9pm if you go in on the What's On page (& what I was told when I booked by phone) but 8.30pm on Home – News.It might be worth warning people of the earlier time in your blog etc to save people accidentally missing the start. Cheers.

  8. I think you meant waitress don't you Andrew?If Tiger Woods had bumped into a waiter I think we would have a whole new story.You could argue that with some of the garish designs and colours maybe a few more gay golfers will soon be outed.

  9. Thanks for the mention, although you realise now that there's no reason for me to give you money anymore…just kidding. Herring really did look like Moses coming down the mountain πŸ™‚ If you're a bit strapped, drop me a line and I'll meet you in Westfield's Costa Coffee since I'm in the area for a while, maybe Phil Jupitus would like to come…The bizarre sexual practise you mentioned reminded me of a thing on a Chris Morris radio show with a couple in bed… "Shove your tits up my arse"Good luck in Brighton

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