I love you

Surely this needs no explanation. I’ve been playing clips from it all week on 6 Music and I need to get it out of my system.


14 thoughts on “I love you

  1. It has been my suspicion for a while that Boggins is in fact George Lamb, if not in cold hard Goldacre reality, then at least in Adam Buxton's subconscious. Listening to the show this week has increased my suspicions that the much-unloved 6Music presenter* haunts the Big British Castle studios in doggy-form. *Lamb

  2. Until I got to Joanne's comment I was going to say that for a big dog it sounds remarkably like a cat.Then I saw the word verification, "ingst", and I realised who it is that the dog's really impersonating: yoodonhafta pootontheeere-edliyit. Just a hunch, but the owners sound like they might be fans. (Come to think of it this might be a tantric sex tape gone wrong.)

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