19 men were killed

In a special Antiques Roadshow edition of the Collings & Herrin podcast, Richard sorts through a load of his old shit from the past, including coins, posters, Youth Hosteling badges, railcards, a Post Office Savings book and – at last! something interesting! – an early book of stories, mostly about Tarzan, ghosts and specific numbers of policemen and other men being killed. There is barely time to consider the papers, but we do offer a cursory glance at the world of Jordan, the fruity Australian couple having it off in a bell tower in Sydney in the afternoon [pictured], those worms that swim up your wee into the urethra like tiny salmon leaping upstream, and the idea of sipping cava through some cured meat. We might just carry on doing this.


19 thoughts on “19 men were killed

  1. Was almost heartbroken when you said you might be stopping recording them. One of the highlights of my week is the collings and herring podcast. I must say for me at least it's had the what I assume is the desired effect. Can't say I'd heard of either of you really before listening. Since bought your books got tickets to see Richard not once but twice in the new year as well as getting some of his DVD's for Christmas. Now a massive fan of you both. Keep it up please! I promise it will lead to more work in the long run (promise is not guaranteed in fact it's more I hope rather than I promise).

  2. Ridiculously good podcast this week … at one point I was trying to swallow some drink and had to pause it or else I would have laughed and then choked and then died … much like the men from Rich's stories.

  3. Listening walking to work this morning I looked like a complete fool. Fantastic podcast, but darn the men of phie for making me giggle like lunatic whilst walking through the crowds. 14 men were confused.

  4. Wonderful stuff! Really cheered me up yesterday, so thankyou and please keep doing them!Also, I have just received some tickets for the 'Collings & Herring Podcast'. Have I unwittingly purchased tickets for a cheap tribute podcast? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This has to be one of mah favourite podcasts! I enjoyed the role-reversal of you berating Richard throughout & especially the infectious giggling of the two of you, which set me off several times.I'm getting excited in anticipation as I'm attending the Duke of York Xmas bash & I'm also going to the final AIOTM, so will be well live podcasted up!

  6. Listening to Andrew laughing has always been a highlight of the podcasts for me but in conjunction with Richard too, it's positively pant-wettingly hilarious. More childish and inappropriate mirth please fellas!

  7. Desperately trying to stifle my giggles on a crowded bus on the way to work while listening to this podcast = the best part of an otherwise rubbish week. Thanks guys!

  8. I remember that Andrew was broadcasting on R4 when the Queen Mother's death was announced because the Film Programme's obituary of Billy Wilder faded out, which really annoyed me.

  9. Rather liked this podcast, even though it did turn into Kids Say The Funniest Things. That first giggling fit infected me too. I was in the park at the time, just walking the dog and generally minding my own business when it erupted. The more I tried to suppress it, the worse it got. People were giving me very odd looks.This is the only podcast I listen to regularly now. Kermode and Mayo have gone off the boil, and unless Frankie Boyle starts doing them, I donโ€™t know where I'm going to get my laughs from. Radio 4 comedy podcasts are all well and good, but they're a bit too smug and civilised for my liking. Please donโ€™t stop. I need jokes about Japs' Eyes to get me through these long, winter nights.

  10. Fantastically good podcast this week. The 'men of phise' had me laughing until I ached. Thankfully I was at home whilst listening to this, otherwise I would have ended up being labelled insane on the train. This will definitely be worth listening to more than once.

  11. As the proud owner of a copy of the Dr Who audio play 'Real Time' signed by both Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, I can confidently say that it was written by Gary Russell (I also have 'Live 34' signed by Andrew Collins…Great performance, Andrew). Clay Hickman is the longest serving editor of Dr Who Magazine and all-round expert. I also suspect, based on external evidence, that the 'Steve Roberts' that advised on how to eliminate the silences in the podcast is no other than THE Steve Roberts, head of the Dr Who DVD Restoration Team and head boffin. You should take his advice.

  12. I saw Herring today outside Holland Park tube and would have approached but he looked a bit knackered and was carrying bags. Next time maybe, I'll make sure I have a fiver on me. Was a bit taken aback to see the man in the flesh. He was, how shall I put it, more larger-than-life than I expected ๐Ÿ™‚ He had a theatrical quality, almost Biblical ๐Ÿ™‚ Behind on pods but lookinmg forward to this one judging by the comments. By the way, I don't know if Herring was coming out of the tube or whether he can explain the bizarre poo smell in the station…

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