Slim to none

In our 90th podcast, we spend the £45 million we didn’t win on the Euromillions lottery, in detail, and devise a variation on the two-minute silence if Richard was in charge. We also prune my wallet, defend Gordon Brown after his bad-eyed felt tip spelling mistakes, uncover how the printing presses are powered on the Mail, Sun and Mirror, compare the potential for jungle romance of all the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here contestants (Lucy Benjamin, married to an oil businessman with one child: “Slim to none”), and, oh yes, plug our various gigs, at length, one by one, and brainstorm a couple of controversial ideas for the Brighton one on 8 December at the Duke Of York’s, which may have health and safety implications. There is also a joke about dolphins that I borrowed from the leftovers of a radio pilot I have been working on – so listen out for that.


14 thoughts on “Slim to none

  1. Hi Andrew, 'bout to listen to the latest pod offerings. When did you post about Battlestar Galactica? I'm half way through the intro movie & I want to read what you had to say about it. Maybe you could point to a date or a link? I can't find it. Thanks

  2. Our guru, Orange Mark, has been alerted to the podcast download hiccup. Check back tomorrow morning is my advice.Damien, the two Battlestar blog entries (which can easily be found by typing "Andrew Collins" "blog" and "Battlestar Galactica" into a search engine – it's what I did) are here and here. That's seasons one and two. Been way too busy to review three and four yet. All come with spoiler warnings.

  3. Definitely more Alan Bennett than Andrew Collings (although for a true comparison could you during the next podcast say something like "So there I was enjoying cup of tea and a parkin with Mrs Golightly at number 11")Very enjoyable podcast. Something for everyone really. (Well, maybe not my gran). Richard's relentless wank references can get wearing but this week's lottery winnings argument was fantastic. Just the sort of hypothetical discussion that degenerates into enormous family feuds.

  4. I remember the Marc Almond story which went round about 20 years ago. In the version I heard it wasn't the semen of seven different men and a dog, but 1 1/2 litres of semen. I remember thinking at the time it sounded plausible, though thinking about it now if 10ml is in the average ejaculation that would take some doing.

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