We’ve got our eye on you

As it occurs to us, in the 88th Collings & Herrin podcast, we present an exclusive tribute to Peggy Mitchell, who is to leave EastEnders after 15 years, consider Malcolm MacDonald’s nightmare vision of St James’ Park stadium in a commercial world, stir the latest political correctness storm in the Daily Mail‘s teacup, apply for a job on Wight FM, ponder the newspaper grammar of Kelvin MacKenzie’s column in The Sun, review the extras that come with the new Terry Gilliam film, and give an update on the not-for-sale rhino and its matted-hair horn. Don’t forget to book tickets for our live podcast gigs in December (Christmas Podcast Party, Brighton Duke Of York’s) and February (100th podcast, Leicester Square Theatre)

19 thoughts on “We’ve got our eye on you

  1. As Nick Griffin got 8m viewers for the BBC it can only be a matter of time before he's called in to the BBC to discuss his own chat show.Maybe instead of Adrian Chiles. If you're quick, Andrew, maybe you can get a job as a writer for him?Rumpio.wordpress.com

  2. Going to the Duke of Yorks…what kind of festive fun do you have in store?..think Herrin might make a good Santa..he's fat enough anyway…ooh thats a bit nasty, I take it back.

  3. Re the Cinema experience: it was fun to hear you both working out what language to use. Professionals debate this all the time. In my experience, people don't much mind so long the tone is respectful, 'learning disability/difficulty' is most common, or you could go with the more American 'mental impairment'. 'mental handicap' isn't liked due to the 'cap in hand' association. 'mental' is overused and hurtful. People who look after people are usually 'support workers' these days, 'carers' is Ok but a bit hospital-y, some trendy charities now use 'Personal Assistant'. 'Handler' was funny, but Andrew, I think maybe not likely to catch on. In terms of the Richard's and the public reaction to the kerfuffle, this sounds typical. In my 20 odd years of supporting people with learning disabilities.I've had stares and a wide berth, otherwise nothing but kindness and compassion.It's very honest of Rich to have talked about feelings of fear and threat. I would like to offer the reassurance that people with learning disabilities may behave oddly, unpredictably, and be annoying, but are less able or likely to harm you than any other stranger. To generalise; most have additional physical or health needs leading to poor co-ordination and so can be side-stepped if there is a problem. Giving a bit of extra space and time generally calms things down. Try not to be scared, there's a lot to be learned, and a lot of fun to be had.Sorry to bang on. There's a story of my own youthful incompetence on my blog…Love and Thanks

  4. I have removed the above posts as the first – an insult, as it happens – was posted under someone else's name, and the others relate to it. Apologies to all concerned. I could switch it over so that you have to register before leaving a comment, in order to make it more difficult for people to leave insults and run away, but frankly, I'd rather keep it inclusive. If you're the sort of person who wants to insult me, send me a personal email via "Contact Me" at the top. Although I know you won't, as insulting me privately would be pointless, wouldn't it?

  5. Andrew – I've had to go back and listen to you nearly choking on your ginger beer due to laughing at least 3 or 4 times now, it just creases me up so much. Sorry, no not the thought of your choking but you just laughing uncontrollably – it just gets me every time. Saw on Twitter that someone has accused your laughter of not being genuine. How very dare they.Long may your titters continue. I just need to make sure I'm not on public transport when I listen to them.

  6. Dear Mr Collins,I am Richard Griffin, known as Dick to my family, friends and colleagues. Earlier this week someone at work referred to me as Nick-I-beg-your-pardon-Dick Griffin. I've heard nothing but this ever since. Even my wife has begun saying it.I understand from my teenage children that this may be down to a so-called "comedy" show by someone called Richard Herrin. As of this week, this man has ruined my life and his career deserves to be stopped henceforth. I would raise this with him directly but am led to believe he doesn't read his guestbook in detail and refuse to register an account.I would be very grateful if you could ask him to cease and desist from this infantile and damaging behaviour.Sincerely,Richard GriffinFeltham-on-the-Hillnr Shepton MalletSomerset

  7. No way is that Brucie's mouth and 'tache! Surely it must be a mistake. Maybe they pulled a story at the last mintue on Bob Ainsworth or some other politician subject to the characteristic MacKenzie opprobrium?

  8. hello AndrewHalf way through grass, its really great, despite the fact its surreal watching it happen in Massingham, i remember getting wasted in the back room of that pub when I was 15, before they were closed for a while for surviving under-age village types.did you have any say in the location?Andy

  9. We only specified Norfolk in the script, Andy. The producer and director did the location scouting. Unfortunately, I never got out to the locations, as I had a five-day-a-week radio show at the time. I've always regretted that. (Not having the show, but being unable to enjoy some of that Norfolk air.) Look out for me in the one with the poetry Olympics – I walk in front of the camera with a plate of humous before Billy speaks in the pub.

  10. will do, think that episode is next. Its a shame you didn't make it there, its a beautiful village, just remembered I spent so much time there because my first girlfriend lived there, and when we started going out I was 13, so its no wonder the pub got closed down.still, nice to see it brought back some memories.see you at Leicester square theatre.Andy

  11. I suspect "Dick" Griffin as a fake as you wouldn't leave your addy in public and yet not register on a DPA covered website…. also Feltham-On-The-Hill is in midlesex… feltham in somerset is near frome…..If you are going to be rightgeously indignant please try harder!!!

  12. Hi Andrew,Another great podcast – your Brucie impression, 'alright my love…..' had me in stitches! I also loved the way Richard tries not to give you too much kudos for it as he continues with his point! Brilliant! Still makes me chuckle now!Best Wishes,Matthew PhillipsP.S I am also attempting to wait to have my hair cut until next pay day in 2 weeks, but it is really annoying me now!

  13. Yours and Rich's performance of one of your old Eastenders scripts reminded me of something in the show about 8 or 9 years ago. There was a scene in the shop where Terry asked Janine why she wasn't working, with Janine replying that there was nothing to do. Terry urged her to pretend she was working, with Janine's response that HE should pretend she was working as he was getting paid more. At least one TV critic at the time picked up on the fact that this was a Bill Hicks routine almost word for word. I have to ask, did you take the opportunity of surreptitiously inserting a Bill Hicks routine into a hugely popular soap? And if not, can you remember who did?

  14. I've obviously woken up in some strange parallel universe where the normal rules almost but not quite apply. Whatever happened to people being nice?However I now have to go back upstairs to change my trousers and underwear after listening to the podcast. That, by the way, is a massive compliment from someone who is unusually grump today.

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