Actually for sale


The rhino may not be, but our asses are. If you’d like to be a part of the Collings & Herrin podcast, and you’re in the right half of the country, two dates for your diary:

TUESDAY December 8, 2009
Duke Of York’s Picturehouse, Brighton
The Collings & Herring Christmas Podcast Party: an evening of stand-up, interaction, prizes, secret dancing, an exclusive Q&A, the chance to pick up a perfect Christmas gift and, of course, the one hour, 6 minute and 35 second podcast itself. After May’s near sell-out, we hope to repeat the feat, and celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus a couple of weeks early. With you. Tickets available here.

MONDAY February 1, 2010
Leicester Square Theatre, London
The 100th Collings & Herrin Podcast
: the 100th C&H podcast, seasonally adjusted, recorded in front of a baying audience of nerds, 7.00-8.30 then you can buy us a drink somewhere quiet. Tickets already available here.

If we can sell these out, we promise to look into some more gigs outside of London and Brighton in the new year. Maybe even one in the north of England. Or the West.


7 thoughts on “Actually for sale

  1. It may sound mercenary, Ian, but in order to do a gig up north, we'd have to cover an overnight stay, and because there's two of us, any money we make from the gig has to be split. In other words, unless we're touring, which we wouldn't be, the gig would have to pay well enough to cover two rooms and petrol, and still be enough to make it worth our while. That said, Lincoln managed it, due to a large enough venue, great publicity, and an audience of about 200 people. You can see why we might find it easier to take a risk in London or nearby Brighton. We'd love to do more podcast gigs in further away places. They are always gratifying and lots of fun, and make good podcasts, I think, every now and again. We'll look into possibilities when Rich is on tour in the new year – it may be that we can book one in on a day off (quite rare with his punishing work rate) and I could go out and hook up with him.

  2. Come to Cardiff, you're always saying how much you like it here. You can both stay at my house if you're short on cash, and don't mind sharing (with each other, not with me / my husband / my children).{{stalker alert}}

  3. Looking forward to my first live podcast experience in Feb ! Hope there may be some secret dancing involved. I may even make a few appropriate "…not for sale" signs

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