10 thoughts on “Twit

  1. Perfection. I couldn't be bothered to watch QT and that's all I ever need to see of it. Shows how childish humour isn't always so childish; definitely an appropriate response.

  2. I wish someone'd asked him to clarify the comment about gay people kissing. In what way is it 'really creepy'? Question Time on Thursday was so weird it's going to take me weeks to figure it all out.

  3. The main thing I wish people had picked the dickhead up on was his and his parties attitudes to women. The reason for this is that, of all the issues he raises, the issue of the role of women within Islam is the nearest one to him making a valid point.However, I very much doubt that your average BNP member, or Griffin, or the party as a whole take a particularly liberal view of women's rights and equality issues. It would have been great if someone could have pointed out Griffin's hypocrisy, rather than letting his use the issue for his own racist agenda.Oh, and the cassetteboy thing is ace!

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