I will add more pics as they come in, but hats off to Andy McH for taking this evocative rock shot – and posting it on Twitter within seconds – at tonight’s absolutely brilliiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaant Karaoke Circus extravaganza, back in its spiritual and literal home the Albany Downstairs in Central London, where, dwarfed by the comedic talent either side of me on this illustrious bill, I belted out Lithium by Nirvana. My rendition looks, if I may be so bold, better than it sounded. Certainly from where I was standing. We were also treated to an emotional Nothing Compares 2 U from Josie Long, which was almost impossible to follow, but I chivalrously held her new coat while she sang it, which I hope was a contributing factor to her greatness. (I am nothing if not the man who holds the coats for comedians.) Also, a song from Bugsy Malone by Anna Crilly and Katy Wix; an ironically stopped Don’t Stop Me Now from the super-patient Margaret Cabourn-Smith (who subtly referenced the C&H podcast in her patter, which we appreciated); a remarkably tuneful rendition of the punk rock classic Orgasm Addict from Mr Richard Herring, dedicated to his current comedy partner; Song 2 by the cycling-fit Dave Gorman … and then I snuck off home to watch Question Time because an ugly man was going to be on it. I was torn. Apologies to those performers whose work I missed and whose coats I could not hold, including genial, snake-hipped Chris Addison with an apparently show-stopping, ovation-deserving Common People, Robin Ince, Jeremy Hardy (aka. Robin Ince in the future if he calms down a bit) and special secret guest Jessica Hynes, who, as Richard commented, cheated “by using talent”, and also earned an ovation. Below are a selection of photographs from various sources. First past the post were these evocatively blurry ones by Andy McH, which were also instantaneously Tweeted, and would have definitely been printed in the NME in 1991:

And now some slightly clearer ones from Linzy aka AngryFeet:

And finally, from unofficial Karaoke Circus photographer Paul Bailey, are some highlights from his full set, which can be viewed here.

So, a big hand to packed-lunch addict Martin White [above], who pulls this whole thing together every time; to Danielle, Foz, David and the rest of the musicians; and to Dan and the Baron, the Yin and Yang of critique. Another subterranean have-a-go triumph over technical adversity in the key of fun.

16 thoughts on “Yeah-eaargh-eee-arrghh!

  1. I think 6 Music's own Professor Justin Spear has got the Jeremy Hardy of the future thing sewn up. If he can just learn to finish a… yeah… great… kind of Danish prog-folk kind of… citation needed… nice…So you did the Nirvana song, and Richard (ahem) came as Nirvana?

  2. I keep missing these shows and then getting jealous when pictures and reviews arrive. And then missing them again.Looks like brilliant fun, as always, and they're great pictures.

  3. As one of the clowns, I'd just like to explain our role. We are there to keep the riff raff out, anyone silly enough to have a problem with clowns would probably not enjoy the evening, also without the clowns the evening would have to be called 'The Karaoke' rather than 'The Karaoke Circus' I rest my case.

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