We are the news

In the 87th Collings & Herrin podcast we are the news but don’t even know it, as helicopters buzz over Shepherd’s Bush to monitor the protests against Nick Griffin on the night of his historic Question Time appearance. (We mistakenly imagine them to be piloted by Michael Legge and James Hingley, aka Bollings & Nerrin, our podcast stalkers. We are idiots.) However, we still discuss the issues of the day: Nick Griffin, again, pictured in frankly unrealistic Sun cartoon form, whose own wife Jackie calls an “oddball” and seems confused about how precisely the sun might rise and set inside his fat Nazi arse, the shame of the as-yet-unnamed binge-drinking Cardiff girl and her skateboard knickers, Mitch Winehouse’s approval of his troubled daughter’s new breasts, the demanding nature of As It Occurs To Me listeners and the latest update on the Vauxhall Station rhino. There are no sketches. Thank God.


7 thoughts on “We are the news

  1. When the helicopter arrived Richard said that it was "hovering over our house". That gave me a cosy image of you two sharing a house, Eric/Bert and Ernie style.

  2. Hi AndrewJust picking up on your "Pear Cider" incident at "three and ten".they do sell Pear cider there … or at least they did … as it was what i partaked in while waiting for Richard to do his hitler Moustache show back in the summer.so either they have stopped selling it, or you got given a different brand, or the "barmaid" was misinformed :)BHAFerret

  3. On my way to download it, I'm currently working my way through your back issues. Only at number 50, you guys are hilarious!I've received some pretty odd looks from time to time when I forget I'm in a public place and end up laughing my head off at Richard wanting to bum you and your obvious disgust. Ha!Never change!

  4. Am I right in thinking that Richard is now openly referring to himself as the 'Ernie Wise of the Noughties'?It seems strangely appropriate given his short fat hairy legs – not to mention all them plays wot he wrote. Might I suggest you record the next podcast from Richard's double-bed? Sans bumming, of course.

  5. In the cartoon, the reflection of Nick Griffin in the mirror has his parting on the left as you look at it, but the actual Nick Griffin in the cartoon has no parting on that side. Are we to assume that it is not in fact a mirror, but another Nick Griffin, sat opposite him, and "mirroring" his actions like a drama student's warm-up game? What could this mean?

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