There, that got your attention. In the 86th Collings & Herrin Podcast, recorded at the Three and Ten pub in Brighton before a packed audience of around 50 people, many of who probably wished they had sat further back. Despite the Brighton Fringe using a photo of Richard Herring on his own to illustrate the gig [see: incriminating pic], this was a two-man show, albeit only one of us actually felt inspired to mime what it must be like at an orgy. This was sparked by a story in the Sun about the MoD and a Travelodge, in which the word “ORGIES” was helpfully picked out in caps; we also cover the Jan Moir Daily Mail gay-bashing outrage (“Are you thinking what she’s thinking?” er, no), the Leona Lewis head-punching outrage (and yes, I realise I said Robert Plant when I meant Jimmy Page), and the Cardiff students war memorial-weeing-on outrage. All the outrage that’s fit to print. Fortunately, things pick up at the end when I reveal the mystery of the Colgate Plax mouthwash bottle*.

Thanks to all who came out and paid money to see our unscripted, non-Radio 4 antics. Especially the incredible burping man in the second row. (Damian Harris, the boss of Skint Records was there, too. Cool.) And to the venue staff, who provided me with Magners Pear cider. But not to the bar staff downstairs, who told me off for “bringing my own drink into the pub”! I didn’t! (Richard had already gone off, in his Hitler costume, to do a proper theatre gig of his own. I wonder if the picture advertising it had me in it?)

*You’ll have to listen to find out what this refers to.


13 thoughts on “ORGIES

  1. I never read the daily faschist out of principle…. however I'm sureshe was screaming from the rooftops about one girl dying of the HPV jaband telling everyone how unsafe it was before the facts emerged.But then I scrolled down and read her scorn of the nolans for being of"comfortable construction". The last time Jan Moir saw a size 12 waswhen she picked up her last jumbo pack of doughnuts….

  2. Radio 4 just got into this after Charlie Brooker urged people to report The Mail to the PCC. Moir is now claiming to be the victim of a carefully orchestrated internet campaign.

  3. Just to point out as a Sheffield resident that said pixel-cocked student took a wizz on our war memorial, not Cardiff's. Credit where it's due.The confusion probably arose from Cardiff having a concurrent 'Carnage' bar crawl on the same night.

  4. Hi Andrew, how about you and Richard do a live podcast for the Leicester Comedy Festival (5th – 21st Feb)? Please look into it, it would be brilliant!

  5. It's a nice idea, Sonia, but we don't ask venues if we can play. They ask us. That's what has happened in Lincoln and Brighton and London. Richard has his tours booked by Avalon – and they booked our run at Edinburgh. But individual gigs happen by invitation.

  6. Hi Andrew,I have been enjoying your podcasts for months now – accompanying me on many a long (and short) journey.I started at number 60(ish) and then started going backwards until I got to number 35(ish) but it was like watching that (splendid) film "Memento" – where all the action is shown in reverse segments.Add to this – I was listening to the new ones as they came up – and any temporal references were getting very lost – a bit like watching an actual new episode of Top Gear – you can't quite believe it's not from the recent past because of the hundreds of repeats shown ad nauseum on Dave….But I have now decided to listen right up from the beginning – up to 35. I've just finished 14 – the one after Richard called your mum a f**king idiot for the first time, and after "Lion Man" and seemingly the first one with any bumming refernces – it was like watching the hatching of a massive idea or something….!So I'm not going to listen to this new one until I have listened to all of the podcasts right up to 35.Do you ever listen back to the vintage ones to see where these big ideas like "Hitler Moustache" and "The Mitford Sisters" themes were born…?G.

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