The 84th Collings & Herrin Podcast, recorded in front of a broadminded audience old enough to remember Panini sticker albums in the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (or LPAC), in Lincoln, in Lincolnshire, is now available to everyone who didn’t have the commitment to travel to Lincoln to hear it being recorded. And to the patient people of Lincoln – and Ipswich and Preston – who did. After warming the crowd up with my version of stand-up and actual stand-up, and a 20-minute interval, we came back on with the laptop, sat down and did what we are now increasingly doing across the country: make things up for an hour, 6 minutes and 35 seconds and expect people to pay for it. In the podcast, during which you can either imagine the two of us [above] wearing our new official merchandise (Richard in a limited edition t-shirt design that has been mysteriously discontinued), or imagine looking into the faces of these people [below], we discuss the death of New Labour (now available as a wallchart courtesy of the Sun), the hairy ape lady, Richard Littlejohn and the “Bin Police”, Michael Jackson’s autopsy and make the audience feel special by constantly referring to aspects of Lincoln’s history and what it is the capital city of.

We did a Q&A after the podcast which may be made available in the future but for now remains only in the collective memory of Lincoln.

We would like to thank the people of Lincoln, especially the staff at LPAC and Shaun from the Lincoln Comedy Festival, which continues until the 6th with the likes of Josie Long, Stewart Lee, Gary Delaney and Pappy’s Fun Club. A smart venue, big dressing room, clean toilets, excellent tech support, good publicity, nice bag of wine gums, three bottles of organic cider and a fine parade of people, many of them in what looked like monogamous relationships, at the merchandise stall afterwards, where Rich sold a ton of stuff and poured white wine on the money he made, and I wished I hadn’t forgotten my box of audiobooks like an idiot as I gaily posed for photos with my comedy mentor and signed some tickets. A terrific night, topped off with a drink in the Holiday Inn Express bar like two middle-aged travelling salesmen.

18 thoughts on “Yellowbellies

  1. Sorry, I posted the wrong link. It's all sorted now. Hope you enjoyed that sneak preview, Adam. That was the temporary site where we store our podcasts before they get loaded up. We are saving the Q&A for future publication. (I've taken it off the temporary site now.)

  2. Looking forward to listening when iTunes sorts itself out. Incidentally, isn't it amazing that today's newspapers are confirming my long held belief that everyone in Brazil is female, gorgeous, tanned and bikini-clad. Whatever must it be like on the day they get their GCSEs.

  3. I came along to Lincoln, really enjoyed it. I've not been able to listen to your podcasts since I dropped my Ipod in a Jacuzzi in May (not as seedy as it undoubtedly sounds). So thanks for coming to the East Midlands. How about Nottingham next time? Gladdies Night would be great (another gig that Shaun is involved with!).

  4. haha travelling salesmen, I'd like to see that you should do a podcast after the podcast where you both get drunk in a travelodge I think that'd be funny.

  5. My friend and I travelled up from Derby to the LPAC; first time we've been and what a lovely venue it is, and what great place Lincoln is. We enjoyed the show and I thought it was well worth the £10 ticket price. The only regret for us was that we didn’t have stronger bladders!! However whilst I managed to hold out (albeit with great discomfort), unfortunately for my friend he had to exit during the Q&A to relieve himself! – And yes he did come back Richard! I'm sure you were both aware this was a problem for the audience, especially when Richard homed in on one unfortunate lady! Any tips on bladder control for future performances, or how to anticipate when is good time to exit for the toilet and re-enter the theatre would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in anticipation and I Look forward to listening to the next podcast.

  6. It was the most fantastic night. I've been secret dancing so much since as well, in a restaurant last night, in my in-laws kitchen this morning, anywhere there's music! I didn't appreciate how much concentration it took when you did it on friday, or does it get easier with practice? I am going to have to get that sugababes song onto my ipod now, just for the move

  7. If Hugh Laurie hurt his other leg, they could flip the picture to make it look like it was the correct leg.They'd have to make sure all writing in the show was done in mirror image.(Hypothetical) problem solved.

  8. Northampton is a Starbuck-less town. Such places do exist. When I moved here a few years ago, the first local paper I read had an article in it where a local councillor or someone similar was being outraged that Starbucks were to open 400 new stores in the UK but had STILL overlooked Northampton. There are half a dozen coffee shops in the town centre, including a couple of chains and a good Italian one, but no Starbucks. So we don't lack for coffee – just for a certain franchised version of it.

  9. That was just about my favourite podcast. You never did finish what you were going to say about action man's guard dog. I had one – in fact it's probably in the loft! Cheers Tim

  10. Any further Mitford pieces planned? I came down from Hull with my wife having sold it to her on the strength of some pre podcast Mitfords so she was a bit disappointed (will make it up to her with a t-shirt). As it was you that gave me the idea of buying her the books to which she is addicted I have to thank you for gaining me brownie points but not for mentioning you have been to their graves as she is now planning a trip………..

  11. I enjoyed that one…relaxed, funny, works well as a live show. Lincoln Beige, I'll look out for that. I had the exact same changing rooms experience at my now ex-gym in Northampton. We all left the shower doors open too. I also noticed that the scales were almost 2kg more generous in the men's changing room and I wondered whether this was a conspiracy to flatter the men or make the women paranoid, or maybe a bit of both…

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