On the road

You too can be as happy as these people. There are now three, non-Scottish live C&H podcast dates to put in your diary, albeit two in the same town, which is greedy of Brighton, but hey, it’s a great comedy town and it’s where all our gay fans live.

Tickets for our full variety spectacular (podcast, Q&A, plus solo stand-up, inc. Secret Dancing, merchandise buying/signing love-in) at the Lincoln Comedy Festival on Friday October 2 are selling fast, but go here if you wish to join in. (This will, in fact, be Podcast 84 – sorry about the longish gap between today’s and the next one, but Richard is taking a well-earned holiday between then and now, and I’m not.)

Your next chance to come and be part of the magic and maybe appear in a blurry photo taken on my Mac is in Brighton, part of the excellent Brighton Comedy Fringe (a kind of modest but worth-supporting alternative to the Brighton Comedy Festival, with which it crosses paths): it’s Friday October 16, at 7pm, and will be just the hour-long podcast show. It’s Upstairs at the Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street, Brighton BN2 1TE (box office: 07800 983 290, or book online here). Smaller venue, so book early.

Our next concrete date is also in Brighton (although not yet booking, but go there to see a film in the meantime anyway) is at the magnificent Duke Of York’s Picturehouse. We return to the scene of May’s triumphant first ever full show (with podcast, Q&A, plus stand-up, Secret Dancing, full English), for more of the same on Tuesday December 8.

We’ll try to book some more dates in other towns and cities over the next few months, as they are fun for us to do, and it seems that those not in attendance are happy to download them. If you run a venue, can attract enough people who might get what the podcast is all about and would like to book us, get in touch.


10 thoughts on “On the road

  1. Good stuff. Cambridge has a good Picturehouse cinema if that chain are up for this sort of thing.Catching up with your podcasts having been away for a week. The one in the car sounds like it could be a cool novelty.

  2. You should definitely play Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. It's a lovely place and they could even let you play one of the cinemas. Plus it's on my road. I can think of at least five people I would strongarm into coming.By the way I have just listened to the audio verification, out of curiosity. It's really spooky, all these sort of muttering voices.

  3. Wow, you're playing ten minutes walk from my house. That place used to be a lively gay pub called The Queen's Arms. It sported a huge picture of Freddie Mercury outside (they might now put one of you or Richard there instead), and rumour had it that Dusty Springfield once got into a bit of a brawl there. So you've already got a lot to live up to.

  4. Thanks, Jon! Richard's touring Hitler Moustache in the new year and doing his podcast sketch show at the Leicester Square Theatre in October, but we will look into the possibility of some one-off gigs. Looking forward to December!

  5. Will be at the Brighton show AND I am not a gay.Will give you a bumming if you insist though..it's not every day you get shagged by someone who has been on the One Show twice.

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