In a first for Collings & Herrin – if not a first for Robert Llewellyn, but we’re not in competition with him – we present our first ever on-the-road podcast, recorded in Richard’s car on the M4 yesterday morning, heading West to his parents’ house in Cheddar. We’ve not established whether this is illegal or ever dangerous, but it does mean that we don’t specifically refer to anything in the newspapers, as Richard is driving a car on a motorway, and I can’t read in a car without feeling travel sick. This is among the points of discussion, as well as 21-year-old Alesha Dixon versus 102-year-old Arlene Philips, the shocking amount of Cheddar cheese we import from other EU countries, Battlestar Galactica (the 1978 one) and the “Suicide Bummer” (as seen in the Sun, and headlined as such). You will also hear points of interest noted along our journey, such as certain junctions, a sign saying “LOG HOTLINE”, something on fire just outside Reading, and a Herman Miller office furniture lorry. Don’t want to give too much away!

22 thoughts on “Diversion

  1. I recommend this book: "Traffic: Why we drive the way we do"http://www.amazon.co.uk/Traffic-Drive-What-Says-About/dp/0713999314…it's an interesting read on its own – but it has a good section in there about how it's the act of talking and recalling things that is the dangerous thing about using a mobile phone when driving (because while you are looking at the road, you aren't really seeing it). Nothing specifically about doing a podcast though, funnily enough!

  2. Who do the pair of you think you're kidding? There's no way Richard is responsible enough to own a driving licence.Come on, admit it. That photo shows you sitting in the 50p a go Postman Pat ride outside Aldi.(I don't believe Mr Herrin shops at M&S for one second)

  3. I'm horrified you should travel together. What if there was a terrible accident?? If you travelled seperately, at least we'd get a Collings or Herrin podcast every week. After all, you are effectively the royal family of unscripted, sweary, 66 minute long, comedy/news-related podcasts…

  4. I have found the Ringo Starr question and answer from my original 1998 interview:Is the inclusion of Love Me Do on your new album Vertical Man a case of sour grapes for not having played on the Beatles' original?No, there's only luscious grapes. It was just shock. In '62, when I came down to the London after joining the Beatles, they'd already got their record contract. And between the time George Martin had auditioned the band and when we came to make the record, the personnel had changed – I'd become the drummer – and George decided, for all his own reasons, that he wanted a session drummer. He hadn't heard me play. I was mortified: I was coming down to make my first piece of vinyl, I mean, I was pumping! But he was the boss. In those days, George Martin was the king. So they went through with it with (sessioneer) Andy White. I did Love Me Do on the Vertical Man album because I love the song: it was the first record I wasn't on.

  5. I hope the clock ticking in Richard's swanky millionaire's Roller doesn't ruin the sound quality too much. And I wish him well with his campaign to reclaim the Benny beard for comedy after its long association with Europop tyranny.

  6. you mean shes not?!no i did pick up on that but for some reason i assumed only the second half of that sentence was for comic effect…and tbh honest i kind of skimmed though the blog saw alesha dixon 21 and thought 'she's the same age as me?!, that cant be right!'

  7. This was great. It was a bit like watching that episode of The West Wing where you get to see inside Air Force One for the first time..That said, I thought afterwards that it would have been funnier to have faked it – so when people buy the DVD and go to watch the video podcast they actually get this one – with the two of you surrounded by road atlases, a script and Chris Evans sitting in the corner playing in traffic sound effects.You should do another from a motorway service station next though, seeing as the topic came up. I'm pretty sure Robert Llewellyn's never done a podcast from a motorway service station before…

  8. Interestingly it seemed to be The Real Richard Herring driving, rather than The Podcast Richard Herring. I'm assuming the latter doesn't have a licence (and that's as it should be).I enjoyed it. It was more of a pleasant chat between two mates than your usual podcast, which is nice for a change.I'm sure next podcast will be back to the usual filth. Again, as it should be.You should have stated where you were when the podcast started, and then got RKH to drive at a constant speed throughout. That way your devoted fans could have listened to the podcast while recreating your journey.I have to say it was odd listening to it while driving. It distracted me having you two comment on the traffic which wasn't the traffic I could see. It was messing with my mind a bit.This reminds me that I get very irritated when music has traffic noises in (especially sirens, car horns etc). It can panic me when I'm driving.

  9. Richard might think about getting hold of Morrisons and Tescos maps from their respective petrol stations and looking out for those near motorways and with cafes. I'm sure he'd do much better than at some of those overpriced motorway services which charge like they're monopolies. When I have to travel from central Scotland to Manchester I generally stop at Carlisle Morrisons for a Big Breakfast even when it's not actually breakfast time – shocking, eh?

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