The Da Versity Code

Our 82nd podcast comes in the form of a Dan Brown-style mystery – we call it The Da Versity Code. What governmental/church conspiracy is afoot? At around 52 minutes into the podcast, a perfectly harmless section about Britain’s Got Talent-winning dance troupe Diversity visiting Gordon Brown at number 10, Downing Street causes the laptop to stop recording – thus, all trace of this two or three-minute routine is lost forever. Still, the rest of it will compensate. This podcast is not sponsored the Beatles Rock Band video game, as Richard paid the full price for his. We just happen to be playing on it before and after the recording, and in the accompanying photograph, with the combined age of 86. Elsewhere, it’s the mystery rapist, the thrill of Great Yarmouth, the death of Keith Allen, Andrew’s asthma, a mistaken “nyum nyum” signal from Guardian TV writer Sarah Dempster and some plugs for the Lyric gig at Hammersmith, still some tickets left.


18 thoughts on “The Da Versity Code

  1. Excuse my being a massive old girl about this, but that picture is just adorably lovely and has very much cheered me this evening. I await the Harry-Hill-You've-Been-Framed-style comments on Richard's furnishings, which are very tasteful. The word verification is asking me "proustor…?" Well, indeed. There's a blog title in itself. (Has anyone done a blog based on verification words? I assume not due to boringness)

  2. Andrew – you're cheating because everyone knows you can already play the drums better than Ringo Star -( I say this in the full knowledge that Ringo is one of the most under rated musicians of our times-just incase I've offended anyone). How was it being the drummer for the Beatles? Claire

  3. I thought I'd just leave this here.What is it? Well, it involves a real cutie making noises that sound suspiciously like "nyum nyum nyum". I shall leave it up to you to discern exactly what that white liquidy stuff actually is…… that white liquidy stuff that she's licking off herself…(Don't worry, the video is actually work-safe)

  4. What's wrong with the Northampton accent, I quite like it. It has a bit of character without being comical. Are you some kind of self-hating Northamptonian 🙂 I find myself doing the long a if I stay there for a while.Funnily enough my gran used to send Dandy and Beano wrapped in a roll of brown paper to Holland for me. Was this something Grans did, or did Herring and I have the same one leading a double life?Anyway, good pod, thanks.

  5. What was in the missing bit? I've forgotten what the two of you were talking about when the computer cocked up, but I know I wanted to hear where it was going. What was it now…?

  6. Despite the missing bit, the Jimmy Carr anecdote had reached its conclusion: Jimmy made a controversial joke to my dad about drugs. That was it. A very funny gambit, which my dad took very well. Jimmy is charming like that, and can get away with risque material in front of parents.I'm wondering if my complex analogy about Whizzer and Chips and the Israel-Palestine conflict was in the missing bit, too. Could someone who's listened to the whole thing deny or confirm that?

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