Get Lost

At last, the 15-minute film I made for Bafta about Lost when its creators Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and Jack Bender were in town in July is online (along with six other clips from the Bafta masterclass; they’re all on YouTube too). It’s nice to see the finished little film and to pretend to be a TV presenter again, for a bit. If you don’t have the time to watch it, here are the presenting highlights: me standing outside a cinema; me standing on a roof; me standing on a roof, but shot from the ground; me leaning over the back of a cinema seat to interview a man; me pulling a funny face and walking into a cinema. What a pro.



15 thoughts on “Get Lost

  1. I missed this night because I was trying to illegally acquire an invite but my 'inside man' had a day off. Something to do with a pig coughing or something like that. I forget! Urgh… heheCan't wait for the new season… can't wait! Thanks Andrew.

  2. great video! Ive never seen clips of you presenting on telly before, youre very good! on a seperate note, i found a weird design for a tshirt on cafe press and imeediately thought of you and richard

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