Mind Control

In this, the 81st Collings & Herrin podcast, we attempt the impossible: to make it even better than last week’s absolute classic. Along the way, we discuss popular boys’ names from Jack to Mohammed; the etiquette of going along to see Calendar Girls onstage in the West End; the etiquette of half falling asleep during a massage; the dangers of being the Radio Times Film Editor; and the likelihood of Derren Brown Mind Control picking the winning Lottery numbers TONIGHT without first buying all the Lottery tickets. We also manfully resist the urge to pack the podcast in early and go and play with Richard’s Beatles Rock Band game, just to see if John Lennon would really like it were it explained to him on the steps of the Dakota Building in 1980. We also suggest a potentially funny scene that any future filmmaker dramatising the life of Josef Fritzl can use if they want to. Alright, I do. I am a div.

Plugs: Al Murray, Al McGowan, Wilson Dixon, Naz Osmanoglu and Richard Herring at the Lyric, Hammersmith, September 20: book here. Collings & Herrin Live Podcast at the Lincoln Comedy Festival, October 2: book here. Collings & Herrin Live Podcast at the Duke Of York’s cinema, Brighton. December 8: tickets don’t appear to be available yet. Richard Herring’s As It Occurs To Me traitor podcast shows, Leicester Square Theatre, every Monday from October 12: book here if you want the Collings & Herrin Podcast to end


13 thoughts on “Mind Control

  1. I'll have a listen to this. Shamefully I dropped off the podcast wagon for a few episodes but I'm fully back after the Edinburgh feast.I have to say, I was hoping for a Mercury Award post today. Sadly, nothing was offered.Were you pleased for Speech?I was.And I didn't approve of Tom Kasabian's stuffy haircut.

  2. Hi Andrew!Sorry this isn't relevant to the blog entry but I've been feeling bad. We really got off on the wrong foot when I commented on your blog about fluoride in the water. I didn't make myself clear at all and I came across as a right wanker. I'm sure if we'd been talking about it in a pub I might have finally managed to express my point. But no matter.I'm a fan of your blog and the C&H podcast. I'm sure in the unlikely event that we ever met, we'd probably get along rather well, since you seem to be very good at putting up with people who talk a lot of shit.Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  3. I just noticed from my I-Tunes library that your podcast times add up to 3 days 16 hrs 32 min and 36 sec! My God. You've been talking in Richard's attic (mostly) for more than three and a half days, more than 5312 minutes. That's great value for us. How does it feel for you?

  4. Andrew,I heard you had problems with Richard's wireless setting and the various things you have tried such as switching it off and on again – which while people mock is often simpler than perhaps talking someone through resetting a driver or disabling and enabling a 'thingy' in the GUI, usually people just want the thing to work than be bothered with some dull and boring technical explanation – part of IT is just about understanding how to fix something without necessarily having to explain it – so the turn it off and on joke while always funny, and in many ways humanizes the often dull and geeky face of IT.But I digress.I had a similar problem with a friends wireless, yes they could log on to it and yes I typed in the big long WEP password but it refused to connect.I also cleared out all my settings, turned it off and on and so on. What I eventually found out was that I had 'slept' (?) my laptop while I was connected to another network, then when I opened it and took it out of hibernation, it tried to reconnect using the same credentials, but obviously this failed. I didn't realise this at the time, but after I had cleared everything out (very tedious to put back) I then still couldn't connect and then it turned out that the speed I was trying to connect to was not the same as the what the wireless was set to and it was failing. So when I changed the setting to the correct speed (it;s a number like 802.11b or 802.11g etc) I connected straight away.I then tested my theory about the sleep/hibernate mode and sure enough if I was on one network and put the laptop in hibernate and then opened it up in another network I had to simply turn off Airport (right click on the icon in the top bar) and then turn it on again and it would re-connect.I don't know if this helps or not.You can also look for the 'console' app which while looking like jibberish will give you a running commentary if you like, for all your computery process, so you might even see the machine trying to connect and failing and perhaps (perhaps) it will give you a clue as to what is wrong – for example it might say 'invalid password' or perhaps (more likely) some cryptic number like 0x0002d or error code 3455 which you can then perhaps google, I find that is often a good way to give you more clues to the problem. Console app is your friend in these cases.Have funAdam

  5. For some reason I only managed to download the first 14 seconds of the podcast last night, leaving me somewhat stranded and having to listen to something else. In those seconds, Richard shouts 'you div' and then says that 'Andrew has a problem with his internet access'. Both of those appear to apply to me – a div for not being suspicious about the podcast downloading so quickly (it's happened before), and also internet access problems (your podcast is not fourteen seconds long).

  6. Hairyegg – that must've made it seem like Ricky Herring was offering a public service announcement.AC – I wonder if Richard has ever considered calling himself 'Ricky'? I think The Ricky and Andy Podcast would definitely attract a new kind of listener, swelling the stats and allowing you two to seriously monetise your burblings. Yes – 'monetise'.

  7. Talking about massages and erections, I had an unfortunate experience in a doctor's many years ago. Going for a testicle exam for what turned out to be nothing important, the male doctor had a good feel around for anything untoward. Although no erection took place, there was a perceptible 5-10% increase in volume which caused a horrifying split second of awkwardness before the doctor's professionalism kicked in. It haunts me to this day…

  8. Steven H, you do have to put some sort of name to an Oyster I believe, although I guess you could put a fake name down. I end up using my boyfriend's oyster. I hope he doesn't commit a crime.Andrew, I inparticular liked the shot of you on top of the building when you turned round quite dramatically. I'm afraid I didn't watch it all as I am not a big Lost fan. But what a nice tan, especially with the white shirt.

  9. Hi Andrew/Richard,Listened to this weeks podcast having just found out that my wife is pregnant, after 5 long years of trying. As happy as we are about this, I think it would be enhanced even further if we were to call our child Adolf Keith, as per Richard's instructions. It could be a hard sell on the wife, but I have about 8 months to grind her down. Wish me luck!Neil

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