Giant Robot Versus No-Legged Puppy

After Saturday’s “dummy” podcast (and we must have been dummies to actually release it), today’s can rejoin the numbering system and call itself Collings & Herrin Podcast 80. We haven’t split up, Oasis style, and we’re back in West London, under the Velux window in Richard’s attic, firing on a number of cylinders. Actually, it’s just alright, but you will get to hear Richard having a go at many comedians and writers more famous than himself – and at one stage wishing four of them dead, Stewart Lee/Richard Hammond style! – and the unveiling of a new, defining metaphor for our comedic podcast relationship, but I won’t spoil it. Among the big news stories: Kelvin McKenzie’s sick, Libyan bomber-based bet at William Hill, the fate of the mysterious “Chloe”, the tiny roll of flab that’s taking over the world, and Jamie Oliver’s accidental Mexican drug rampage. We’re really sorry for last week.

24 thoughts on “Giant Robot Versus No-Legged Puppy

  1. Haven't heard it yet as its not up on iTUNES, download later for tomorrow mornings gym.But it sounds like you are back in the old routine, and despite the rumours…back in the old routine.Onward and upward (you've also slipped out the iTUNES charts)

  2. I looked at the Mail UK site & it drips with salacious nonsense. Somehow pretending that it's upmarket is a fine example of denial, at least the Sun & co make no apologies for it! My mother reads the former, I read neither. I'm sure your missing angel is nothing more than the testing of the latest invisibilty tech, or maybe a certain Mr. Copperfield is oot & aboot up North (my mam's from Nuke-hassle. My Gran knew Dec's mother! as in Ant &..)peace

  3. I went,straight away to book tickets for Stewart Lee..found myself "post9/11" misreading the date for Winchester Theatre Royal..21st of September, two weeks time great..No No, 21st 0f the eleventh is 21st of November you twerp!..too far ahead to be sure i can even go! Ironic Ichronic. Too long a Jesterstation period.

  4. Nice one boys. Thanks.I see you now have the show description in the lyrics field. This means it shows up on my iPod Touch.Very flash – you're going to be using microphones next!

  5. Talking of iTunes – did you know that you can buy several Skrewdriver albums on there? Maybe that'd be something you may want to discuss on the next podcast. Given the subject matter of Richard's Edinburgh show…

  6. Great podcast as usual.There's video of you on NME blog at Swells' wake. Makes me rue being too young to have ever read his stuff. Where is the talent at the NME that was on display at the wake?

  7. @RickB and @thereminwar:I have misgivings about this. Much as I hate Nazism, and think that Skrewdriver are fetid jizz, positing a ban simply on the grounds that we do not like it is bad. First because it's not likely to walk and second because the right of free speech is also extended to those whose views we find abhorent. Personally, having read some of Skrewdriver's lyrics, they are quite comedically, irredemably awful; a fairly dense 13-year-old might balk at their utter rubbishness. The only way you'd get a ban, I think, is by claiming that they might incite racial violence or harrassment.The best course is simply to look at them, point our fingers and laugh at them for the poor, sad, inadequate tiny-cocked saddos they are..

  8. Like others, I enjoyed the extra podcast, in fact it took a lot longer to get a laugh in this one (about 12 minutes). The only annoying thing was the way you kept criticising yourselves but then maybe, like you say, that was down to your skilful management of expectations. Really though you've become like a soap opera to me, I've become interested in the narrative of your lives and the pointless crap you do along the way.I love the BBC but I think the writing's on the wall. It's in a fight I'm not sure it's going to win, the Tories are talking about selling off Radio 1 and BBC Worldwide when they get in. Despite my love for them I still think they should share the license fee, unless people can opt out of BBC programming, and publish their wages and expenses etc. I think that a corporation that has such a competitive advantage in one department should give it up in another. And why the hell we have to pay full price for dvds of programmes we paid to be made is beyond me.Anyway thanks again.

  9. I listened to your Edinburgh sextet (as in time they will surely be known) in quick succession after I returned from holiday and enjoyed them all, even the hotel room "special". As a regular reader of your (plural) blogs the hotel one simply filled in the narrative – Richard was utterly knackered. In 79.5 you both stuck to your original founding principles and put it out there, regardless of what you did, said or thought of it. Credit to you for that and for 79.5's healthy dose of what you've occasionally referred to as "verite".(I'll even forgive the suggestion in 80, that Edinburgh landlords are racist with the underlying implication that the UK is strangely partitioned such that all Edinburgh landlords are Scottish and all Fringe performers are English.)As for your various sponsors, I finally gave in and bought some Pear Cider yesterday. I'll blame it for the shocking spelling and grammar in the above.

  10. ds. it is not a ban, it is simply having a business not stock their product, I would be against state censorship of their rubbish (and you are right it is risible). It's not simply about not liking it, it is racist fascist trash, ideologies that by definition mean the removal of human rights from large numbers of people for reasons of race, belief and orientation. Apple shouldn't make money off that.

  11. @RickBwell, suggesting that Apple "not stock their product" amounts to a ban.And I agree with you, it is fairly evil stuff.Perhaps that's the solution: use the parental advisory tactic and pour an advisory on the page that says, "WARNING: if you buy this material you are a big sweaty horse's cock of an idiot for listening to this pathetic, inadadequate toss. Please go and relax or get laid or something (preferably with someone of a different race), though obviously we'd prefer you didn't breed because you're clearly a moron."I know we'd have to work on the wording, but it's a start, isn't it?

  12. Can I just squeak a little 'thank you' for making these podcasts. I listen to them as I work through the night, in a service station somewhere in a South Australia. My untrusting employers often review the CCTV footage and catch me laughing, Santa-Style, whilst I'm filling the beef jerky.Zu-Zu

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