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I received a certain amount of stick on the live podcasts for drawing attention to the fact that, according to the media, only pretty girls got their A-level results two weeks ago. It’s a little bit after the event, but I’ve only just found this – so thanks to the Guardian for pictorially collating the newspaper coverage, proving without a doubt that I was correct. Mostly blonde girls, too.

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41 thoughts on “Result

  1. Maybe, just maybe things have changed since "back in the day". Maybe students have all become young, attractive, healthy individuals who have spurned a life of booze and fags for one of early nights, oat milk, and regular trips to the laundrette.Or it could be that all hacks are dirty old buggers.

  2. I opened my A Level results in the lav, just to be on the safe side. There's no way I would have risked the chance of being surprised by four Ds in public with twenty lenses trained on me.

  3. You want the moon on a stick. There isn't an article as such, Smogo – it's just a slideshow on the Media Guardian website, with brief captions. I found it a handy pictorial round-up. If you want to read their captions, the pics are here.

  4. Awww, Pete – through that site I was able to learn that the stunning blonde is in fact a Geordie, so probably has a voice like Cheryl Cole or Jennifer Ellison… disappointing! >;)

  5. It's a little unfair – there ARE three pictures of boys getting their results.I say 'boys' – I mean 'boy' as it is the same lad in all three pics.

  6. I never doubted you for a second, Andrew. "Fragrant" is indeed the word ;)With each year that passes, I grow more and more bitter seeing young people passing their A-levels, just like I didn't. Grr.

  7. The Independent has a tradition of printing the letter from someone predicting their coverage will be accompanied by photos of pretty middle class girls getting their results. Then they accompany the story with photos of pretty middle class girls getting their results. Then they print letters pointing out that they've done it again. It's almost as if it's exactly the same story year after year after bloody year.

  8. I thought the ribbing you got from RKH was a bit unfair. Illustrating A-level results with pulchritudinous girls is as traditional as letters reporting the first cuckoo of spring.Either times have changed or I went to the wrong school. Most girls in my year looked like Ernest Borgnine.

  9. I assume that every opinion stated in your podcast is fact and posts like these only serve to remove me from this unhealthy, obsessive theory. It doesn't matter that your opinion's were validated. You're opinion would be validated even if there was eveidence to the contrary.

  10. Christ men are predictable! If this had no pics or even worse pics of blokes I wouldnt have even read this. As it is I have been scrolling up and down for 5 mins trying to choose between Daily Star blonde and the sporty one and the one with a blonde bob in the mirror.There is no hope for us is there?

  11. most young people of the female gender ARE blonde these days.Even the ones that aren't blonde, choose to become blonde.In fact, there are more non-blonde blondes than there are natural blondes. So much so that the real blonde people look weird – what with their matching eyebrows and the lack of encroaching mouseyness at the roots.The fact that most of these women are blonde is just the law of averages.I predict some kind of peroxide related armageddon*, whereby, 20 years from now most middele-aged women will be completely hairless. Invest in wigs people, you know it makes sense.* = that's if all this mobile phone use hasn't fried our brains.

  12. Maybe the media thinks posting pics of geeky looking youths celebrating good A-Levels may just perpetuate the stereotype that good students are all a bunch 'Saved by the Bell' type nerds. For younger students, who are looking at pics of students that are most likely pretty popular at school and are also good at school work, this may encourage them to work hard at school and aspire to be like the students in the articles. Overall though, I agree with an earlier post, the good looking students will sell more copies than pics of the uggers!

  13. If Mr Gibson's anti-Screech theory above is taken to be true, it would also explain why passing and getting better results is becoming more popular.And, not the "it was harder when I were a lad" theory of said uggers.

  14. Hey!The 'books on a train' library at the station on platform 3 is a poorer place without 'Where Did It All Go Right's spine in there…..something must be done to have it in it's rightful place! If Newsnight can have it then we should too!Kind Regards, Matthew Phillips

  15. You will get more blondes passing their exams than redheads, 'cos blondes are usually about 2000 watts and redheads only around 850/900 watts. Blondes therefore brighter. Now your brunettes I'm not sure about. So, for the record, the explanation might not hold up scientifically, but it's about good enough for the papers I'd have thought.

  16. Hi Andrew I have just listen to podcast 82 where Richard spouted insults regarding your mother and farther, I suggest that you edit together all the abusive comments he has made that have included your parents over the 82 podcasts (maybe not that would take forever) just the last one would do then play that to his dad when you meet him on Monday. revenge harrrrrrrrkeep up the good work Brian Johnson Redruth

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