Spot the deliberate mistake

WARNING: may cause drowsiness. In this special, uncalled-for, extra, bonus, rubbish stopgap podcast, nominally called Number 79.5 and recorded in my Edinburgh Television Festival-paid-for hotel room against our better judgement, we allow tiredness and Fringe-fatigue and sudden lack of audience energy to undermine our razor-sharp topical observations and Maurice Gran-standard one-liners. We just about manage to comment upon the bad man in California, Anne Robinson’s new smile, Ronnie Biggs and the Monopoly connection, the end of the NHS “flasher” gown and Amanda Platell (not the end of, but she has a column in the Saturday Mail, which we don’t usually cover). It sounds like we have jetlag, and there’s a weird gap at around 45 minutes. If you’ve never listened to our podcast, PLEASE DO NOT START HERE! If you have, and loyally sit through it, it almost picks up in the last ten minutes. Almost. We promise a return to form next week.

(Incidentally, it was only after we’d finished that we realised what went wrong: we sat the wrong way round. See: picture. What were we thinking!?)

15 thoughts on “Spot the deliberate mistake

  1. The other day I watched Rich's DVD with the video podcast, and there's a throwaway line something like "who knows how many podcasts we'll have done in the future when this is watched, probably 77 or something"And I'd just listened to 77 on a train home, being the newest one out when I had updated my iPod.Odd that you'd sit the wrong way round, Rich said he always has stew on one side and you on other.

  2. I bet Ant and Dec would never make such a schoolboy error. It was my wife who made the funny noise that Richard picked upon on last Saturday's podcast. It was because she wanted you to change seats as she had already seen Richard at one of his shows but couldn't see you properly.She'll be gutted to find you've broken your own rule so quickly afterwards.As a follow-up to the podcast I can reveal I haven't had the heart attack nor the threesome. I fear the latter would be linked to the former.

  3. You and Richard go to the trouble of making something for free and it isn't always perfect, almost as if you are human beings. It's a disgrace.Interesting how all those live shows have made going back to the original dynamic a little awkward. I'm sure it will pass once normal lives are resumed.

  4. Not the most memorable of the podcasts but you valiantly plodded on (raising the RH tempo or at least tried to), it sounded like you were about to stop early and abandon the exercise a bit like minute 35 on the treadmill when you nearly stop and then just find the energy to press on to 40 mins. Actually nothing like that at all! All in all it sounds like you have both had a good Fringe, lots of memories to cast back on.I thought you two had fallen out (last podcast).Smiled at the traincat story, you need to invest in a decent camera old chap 🙂

  5. Ha, the old singular 'spot the deliberate mistake' question, when there are obviously two mistakes — Herrin has got his head on backwards and Mark Steel's just pushed Collings out of shot.

  6. The mysteriously shortened podcasts all have bits where the audio skips forward a few microseconds. The individual skips are barely noticeable, but I'm guessing it all adds up.

  7. Perhaps these shortened podcasts are valuable limited editions…like those Beatles albums with the serial numbers…or that rare Simon & Garkfunkel where they joke about paedophilia.

  8. Richard sounding unwell at the beginning was a bit alarming, but I enjoyed this episode overall and don't think you need to be so down on it. About Idiot Boy's comment, if that skipping is going on I wonder if you inadvertently changed your preferences in Garageband?

  9. I actually found myself enjoying your heroic struggle to the bitter end. The fact that you weren't sure if you were going to release it also brings a lovely "what if" flavour.I've just downloaded podcasts 32-36 having listened to 37-79.5 over the past few months.Loving your work. Marvellous.

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