Senator Kennedy dies


Before Senator Edward Kennedy selfishly died, aged 77, Richard Herring’s big Hitlery face dominated the main BBC website homepage. (As Jim Bob commented on Twitter: “Could it be any bigger?”) I took a grab of it, and I’m glad I did now, as Hitler is history. (You can read the story here – which, incidentally, has some very reasonable, positive, urbane comments at the end, a credit to either the moderators, or to the class of person who reads the BBC website.)


9 thoughts on “Senator Kennedy dies

  1. I wouldn't say this is a case of the Kennedy curse. Teddy was 77 and had a terminal brain tumor. It's a sad day here is Massachusetts. It was good to see young Mr. Herring back at the Beeb though, I think it's more a case of the curse of the Herring.

  2. Nope definitely the Kennedy curse only this time Death played the long game to avoid suspicion!He's a sly one is old Death.I hear Oliver Stone has already been circulating a long winded conspiracy theory that it was the CIA that finished him off. Give it up Stone!

  3. who is Jim Bob!? Jim Bob? Jim Bob? JimBob? I think I've heard of a Jim Bob, does anyone remember a Jim Bob? Yeah you remember Jim Bob yeah? Jim Bob you know Jim Bob. Jim, Bob, JimBob, yeah Jim Bob ahhh Jimm Bobb those were the days eh? Jim Bob, haha Ohhh Jim Bob, yeah he was cool man, the old Jim Bob, Oh what a genius, he was a maverick the old Jim Bob. Ahh makes me feel nostalgic reminiscing about the old Jim Bob, what a cool cat he was in a retrospective way. Ahh, I thought he was dead, still going strong eh, the old Jim Bob, ahhh legendary, Jim Bob eh, ahh Jim Bob, Jim Bob, Jimbob, ahhh brilliant the old Jim Bob

  4. Nice to see Richard and the hermaphalete united at last, even if it's only on the BBC website.I seem to remember that one of the Kennedys is buried at Edensor – a village next to Chatsworth, Debo's home. Or am I talking bollocks again?

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